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GreenCleanMAX® Pool and Spa Algae Control Treatment - 15LB


New GreenCleanMAX® Swimming Pool and Spa Algae Control Treatment - 15lb

GreenCleanMAX® is an environmentally responsible, organic certified, algae treatment that utilizes sustainable peroxygen chemistry. GreenCleanMAX is a great alternative to products that utilize copper, chlorine, or other harsh chemistries to control and prevent different types of algae, slime molds, and water molds.

GreenCleanMAX® does not leave behind toxic residues, odors, stains or contaminants, only clear, algae free water. In addition GreenCleanMAX’s unique chemistry will help to clarify and buffer water.

GreenCleanMAX’s professional strength algaecide effectively eliminates and prevents algae, slime, molds, and bacteria in swimming pools (including salt water pools) and spas. GreenCleanMAX works without leaving behind skin irritants or potentially harmful chemicals such as chlorine and copper.

GreenCleanMAX’s sustainable approach does not require a pH adjustment, softens the water, and brings organic debris to the surface for easy removal. This algaecide has revolutionized the pond and lake management industry for the past fifteen years.

When to Use?

When first opening pools
Weekly to prevent algae
Prior to closing pools

Where to Use?

Use in pools, spas, water features and fountains

The Benefits:

Effective: Eliminates all types of algae on contact
Sustainable: Biodegrades into water and oxygen, alternative to copper and chlorine
Convenient: Swim within minutes, no harmful byproducts
Easy to Use: Ideal for all types of pools and spas


Heavy Algae Growth Preventative and Maintenance Heavy Algae Growth Preventative and Maintenance
1 to 4lbs treats 15,000 Gallons 0.5 to 1lb maintains or prevents growth
to 15,000 Gallons
2-10 tablespoons / 1,000 gal.
(32 tablespoons in a pound)
21-3 teaspoons / 1,000 gal.
(32 tablespoons in a pound)
Note: The average 16x32 pool
 contains 15,000 Gallons.
Note: The average spa contains
roughly 400 to 700 gallons..

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