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If you have ever had an infestation of bed bugs in your home you won’t find this method of getting rid of them odd. Even though you can get rid of them by different means, many people ask if they should throw away the items the bed bugs were on. Some people think this is the best approach and the easies way to solve the problem of clean up.
Picture of dead bed bugs

Other people think throwing out everything is ridiculous because your things can be disinfected. The big thing is the amount of money you paid to buy your clothes, beds, furniture, etc., and to throw them out without finding out if there are other ways to handle the situation is silly. If you research the web you will find safe products to use and clean your things with so you don’t have to destroy them.

However, if you think throwing away your belongings is the answer, think again. Even after they are gone you still must do the same cleaning you would have done anyway to get rid of the bed bug infestation. If you didn’t clean thoroughly after you tossed your bed bug infested belongings away, there is a great likelihood that you would have bed bugs again as you were moving new furniture, mattresses, etc. back into the room. An exterminator would tell you to do things, most of them being natural, to help rid your room or home of bed bugs. There are nontoxic sprays and chemicals that really work, some of them being diatomaceous earth and sodium lauryl sulfate. For so long we were raised to believe we need toxic chemicals to take care of certain bug problems. Of course, now we know that isn’t true.

The first thing you should do is not remove furniture to other rooms in your house. Keep all the items infected in the room with the infestation to confine it. Then, put your clothes, after you have washed them in hot water and dried them on hot in your dryer, into plastic bags and put them in your car or garage or someplace safe from the infected room.

Clutter is the next thing. Bag it up in plastic bags but treat the bedbugs before putting the bags outside. They can be spread from house to house and I would hope you would want to be a good neighbor.
Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

The next step is vacuuming your infected room in all the cracks and places bugs could hide, even in corners and places that are inconvenient to reach. Again, when you are finished, contain the vacuum bag and treat it to kill the bugs. This will make it almost impossible to pass along these disgusting bugs to your neighbors.

As mentioned above, buy a few natural products to try on the bugs. Most are easy to use and get the job done without the use of harsh chemicals. You’ll find that natural products save you from having the expense of an exterminator and do just as good a job if you follow their directions.

Purchase mattress covers and incase your mattresses for at least 12 months. Bed bugs can live up to one year without feeding on human blood.

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By: Bradley Skierkowski