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Garage mold and basement mold are some of the worst place in a house for mold to form. Dampness and humidity in these areas can cause mold to form in the ceiling tiles, behind drywall, nooks, crannies and air vents are all open and able to retain moisture. Old storage boxes of used of Christmas or Halloween decorations will accumulate dampened from humidity or dampness exposure and these areas are a great place for mold to form.
Professional Black Mold inspector

Keeping theses areas free of humidity and moisture is almost impossible depending on what part of the United States you live in. De-humidifiers are always a good idea to have on hand. Use de-humidifiers where ever it is practical. Keep up with the maintenance of the de-humidifiers by checking on them once a day and removing the water that the units collect. Open all windows and vents will certainly help eliminate access dampness and moisture.

Of all the molds and fungi on planet earth, the worst an average American will be required to deal with in a life time is usually the dreaded and notorious black mold. Black molds are very toxic and can be very dangerous to humans especially with respiratory problems such asthma also, causing rashes certain types of infections and in some case certain types of brain damage have been contributed to black mold. They can produce mycotoxins in some cases which can be airborne with any disturbance of the mold affective area becoming very toxic to humans and animals. Face mask is a must if you think you may be dealing with black mold.

Black mold is most prevalent in garages and basements because of the moisture content. Black mold will typically grow on cellulose type and porous materials such as cardboard drywall board, wood, concrete and fabrics of all types.
Black mold in my garage

Mold certified inspector should be called at the first sign of black mold. When dealing with black mold if you are not familiar with its effects and the remediation process, it is not advised to tackle the project on your own. Call the professionals.

Black mold test kits are readily available and located in most hardware stores and should be used at the first sigh of black mold. At the first sign of black mold all family members as well as pet should be removed from the house.

If you are not familiar with black mold and the concept of mold remediation, you will need to study up before tackling such a project. It is important that you wear protective clothing and a respirator with good ventilation. Consider using an approved air purifier for the purpose of removing air borne mold spores from the area as well. This will help to clear the area of the dangerous toxin.

Spray down and scrub the effective area with an approved black mold disinfectant. Ensure the disinfectant is mixed at the proper ratio designated on the label of the container. Read direction carefully and completely. Do not leave out any steps. It is important the products always be used in conjunction with the directions on the label and in the proper manor. Remove any wet damp drywall or ceiling tiles and inspect for mold in-between the wall and in the ceilings or your job may not be done. Ensure that all mold effective areas are cleaned and mold debris remove from the area or it will be back and all your hard work will be for nothing.

By: Bradley Skierkowski