Get Rid of Mold and Mildew on Furniture

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Get Rid of Mold and Mildew on Furniture

Molds and mildews thrive from air born mold spores that can be found virtually everywhere in our environment. They thrive in warm climates with high levels of humidity. Mold spores require oxygen, water and nutrients to thrive spreading damaging to everything in its path. Nutrient loads are typically in the form of organics such as paper material and fiber. Furniture made from organic material such as natural wood or bamboos are materials prone to mold and mildew growth if not properly cared for. Wipe your furniture down with soap and water regularly will help to prevent mold and mildew from damaging the beauty of your furniture and extending the life expectances of your investment.

There are several methods of removing mold and mildew from fabric and furniture. The key to successfully removing molds and mildews is to begin remediation or mold removal as soon as you become aware of the problem. Molds and mildews will spread to any organic material and will thrive especially fast in hot humid conditions.

Most wood furniture has a protective waxy film the will require removal before you can effectively apply a mold removal product. This protective wax film may be reapplied after you have successfully removed the mold and mildew from the article.

Step 1: Remove the waxy film wood protector and determine the extent of mold and mildew damage if any.

Step 2: You will need to determine what mold cleaning products are available and suitable for cleaning your particular article of furniture. First consider using a light mixture of laundry detergent and water. This should remove any light film that may or may not be mold. If that doesn’t work, use a solution of (1) part bleach and (3) parts water. This solution should break down light soil and mold growth.

Step 3: In the event tougher mold is present you may want to consider using an EPA approved mold or moldicide product. Always test a small area to ensure that the cleaning product is compatible with the fabric or furniture being cleaned.

Step 4: When you have determined the cleaning agent to be used, wipe a small amount of the product on the affected area until the mold and mildew start to dissipate.

Step 5: Rinse with clean water and repeat process if necessary.

Step 6: Allow items adequate drying time, preferably in the sun.

Getting rid of mold and mildew on furniture and furniture fabric is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Prepare the items and think the process through before you begin. Make sure to read all care labels on the item being cleaned. Read all direction and caution labels on all cleaning products before you start. Reading all labels and cautions will help to protect you, your furniture and ensure a clean healthy environment for your whole family. Good Luck.

By: Bradley Skierkowski