Get Rid of Mold on Sidewalks

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Get Rid of Mold on Sidewalks

Sidewalk mold is a problem for any home owner. Discolored sidewalks stained with mold and mildew will diminish the luster from any home. Sidewalks covered with mold and mildew can present a slippery walking hazard when the surface area becomes damp or cold. The good news is that getting rid of mold on your sidewalks is relatively easy and should only take a few minutes. So take a few minutes and clean your sidewalk removing the mold and improve the appearance of your property and protect your family. Getting rid of mold on your sidewalks and on concrete areas of your home is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1st Step: First, quickly pressures wash the sidewalks down and remove as much mold as possible. Hold the pressure washer in a way that will allow you to spray evenly side to side. Be sure to spray the entire side walk, mold is not always visible to the naked eye and it is important to treat the entire area.

2nd Step: The next step is to use a broom or heavy brush and go over the entire area to be treated and break up and remove any loose mold.

3rd Step: Determine what type of cleansed or moldicide is to be used. I recommend a moldicide that is EPA approved to kill mold and mildew. This small investment will ensure the elimination of sidewalk mold and ensure the safety of your family. There has been much controversy over bleach and its effects on mold. The EPA and Clorox have both released statements that bleach does not kill mold. Bleach only partly cleans the area effected and will not kill mold or the spores that spread the growth of mold.

4th Step: Next you will want to dawn safety goggles and gloves, remember, safety comes first. Apply the moldicide liberally to the entire sidewalk.

5th Step: Begin scrubbing the affected sidewalk in a side to side motion dislodging any visible mold and working the moldicide solution into the pores of the concrete sidewalk. Do not rinse sidewalk.

6th Step: Allow the sidewalk to dry and sweep on a regular basis to maintain the area.

Consider using a mold sealant on your sidewalk. This will help to prevent the return of mold and mildew. If you are planning to paint your sidewalk, consider using a mildewcide paint additive. This will also help to protect your sidewalks and you family. Get rid of mold and mildew as soon as you become aware of the problem and save yourself time and money.

By: Bradley Skierkowski