Get Rid of Mold on Wood Decks

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Get Rid of Mold on Wood Decks

This article is designed with the intent of helping home owner with identify mold and mildew on their decks and other wood surfaces located outside of the home. Mold is a serious concern for any home owner. The hazards of toxic molds and mildews can affect the health of your family and pets. Toxic molds and mildews can create dangerous flu like symptoms for the family and pet alike.

Mold removal from a deck can be and easy project. The key to removing mold is to employ a proper proven application. Green mold and mildew can build up causing a slick slippery film causing a slipping hazard when wet. I’m going to give you some general applications methods that have been affective for me in the past.

Step 1: Pressure washing is probably the best way to start. Use a recommended all natural deck cleanser able to remove the bulk of the mold, mildew and dirt from your deck is good start. Spray all sides of the deck including the bottom portion of the deck and steps. DO NOT USE BLEACH, this will possibly damage the wood leaving ugly stains and residue marks.

Step 2: Allow the surface and underside of the wood deck to dry thoroughly. Depending on the time of year, you may be required to wait 24 hours or longer before the area to be treated is dry and before applying an anti mold product successfully. Make sure that when choosing an anti mold product that the product is recommended and approved by the EPA. Spray the product liberally to the underside of the deck first. Then spray the top of the deck liberally until the entire surface is saturated.

Step 3: Next use a hard bristle brush to and scrub along with the grain of the wood in a vigorous motion removing as much mold and mildew as possible. Scrub the rails and uprights.

Step 4: Allow the product to dry, spray with a water hose and re apply the hard bristle brush. Repeat if necessary. Mold on your wooden deck, fence or walk way should be addressed immediately. Getting rid of mold should be your top priority as a home owner. If left unattended, mold can spread into your home causing further damage.

By: Bradley Skierkowski