Green Products that Kill Bed Bugs

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“Green” products are now available to treat all types of insects that may be infesting your home. These natural products are safe for the environment and work effectively. Harmful chemicals can potentially be the cause of serious health problems. Problems pertaining to insects need to be examined on a case by case basis. Some infestations may be worse than others, particularly bed bug infestations. Some exterminators refuse to treat buildings or homes that are swarming with bed bugs.

DDT controlled the spread of bed bugs and other bothersome insects after World War II. In fact, DDT all but destroyed some of them. The problem with DDT was that it presented certain health risks and was banned for use in the United States in the early 1970s. Slowly but surely bed bugs and other loathsome bugs have shown their dreadful faces again. Other powerful chemicals do work in killing insects like bed bugs, but a growing number of people are choosing natural products to kill all types of insects.

Pyrethrins, produced from Chrysanthemums, have been utilized for years to manage and treat insects. The chemical form of pyrethrins are transformed synthetically and referred to as pyrethiods. Some researchers feel that certain insects, like bed bugs, are developing immunities to this chemical and others commonly used to get rid of insect infestations.

Another product that has been in use over the years is boric acid. It is reasoned to be a “green” substance because we dig it up from the ground. Insects are lured to the boric acid which has been combined with substances insects like to consume. Diatomaceous earth is becoming an extremely popular choice for the elimination of insects. It particularly works well in getting rid of bed bugs, which are increasing in numbers across the whole United States. Insects travel through this powder-like substance only to dehydrate and ultimately die. DE cuts away at their exoskeleton and absorbs their waxy outer layer. When purchasing diatomaceous earth be sure that you are getting food grade DE; other grades are not as safe. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another safer product that is starting to become more popular. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a contact killer that is very effective against

Natural products of all kinds are on the rise. People feel that they can safely take care of whatever needs taking care of without harming themselves or the earth with toxic chemicals. We are now realizing that instead of chemicals we can use natural substances such as diatomaceous earth to eliminate horrible insects like bed bugs. Nature always has a way of helping us out.

By: Bradley Skierkowski