Hotel and Colleges Infested with Bed Bugs

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Over the course of the last few years, the cases of bed bug infestations have risen at a disturbing measure in hotels, motels, and resorts throughout the globe. Situations of bed bug infestations have been made public in top hotels in destinations like New York City and San Francisco. Because of this, college students are bringing these disgusting critters back to their dorm rooms and entire buildings have to be shut down to deal with the infestation. So, if you are a college student and you are planning on taking a trip with a couple of your friends to a tropical resort during your next college break, you should be aware of bed bugs. Don’t think that you‘ll only run into bed bugs in a dingy motel or a hotel that offers discounted rates, they have been discovered in some of the most exclusive hotels.

If you are going to check your hotel room over for bed bugs, you need to know what a bed bug looks like. Bed bugs are most usually brown in color, although when they’ve sucked your blood they are almost red, and about the size of an apple seed and can grow as large as ¼ inch. Baby bed bugs, referred to as nymphs, are almost clear to creamy white in color. Bed bugs not only bite, they suck up your blood, leaving behind little bumps that resemble those left behind by a mosquito. Bed bugs haven’t been found to pass along any diseases, but a great deal of the population will be allergic to their saliva. A rash will appear if you are allergic to these vile insects. Bed bug bites will itch and may become inflamed, requiring hydrocortisone cream and perhaps steroid treatment.

Just because the hotel appears to be clean doesn’t mean you don’t need to look for bed bugs. Someone staying in the same hotel room the previous evening could have left behind the seeds of an infestation. Bed bugs can come by way of suitcases or on the clothes of a hotel patron. International travel has heightened the flame of bed bug infestations all around the globe. Visitors to our country from other less developed countries are bringing bed bugs along with them, infesting hotels and other areas they frequent or tour.

Colleges are informing their students about bed bugs and educating them on what to look for when the go on college break or even in their own dorm rooms. Penn State is one of those colleges that are educating their students. The first thing that you should do is look over your bed, whether it’s your dorm room mattress or the mattress in a hotel. Remove any bedding from the mattress and pay special attention to the seams and stitching areas. Bed bugs can also leave behind brown or red stains; red would be the blood they feasted on and the brown would be fecal matter. Bed bugs can get crushed if we roll over on them and they produce waste. Campuses are advising students to go through their clothing, suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks when preparing to leave their hotel room and return to the school.

Bed bugs can quite easily take over an entire building. If colleges aren’t careful, many building can become infested with bed bugs creating an awful mess. Some colleges use an all natural substance referred to as diatomaceous earth to eliminate bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth will control and treat bed bugs without harming the environment or us.

By: Bradley Skierkowski