How fast do Bed Bugs spread?

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Do bed bugs spread fast? If so, how fast do they spread? Bed bugs are soundless, tiny bugs that are only 1/4 inch when they are mature. Yet these tiny bugs can reek havoc on people and whole houses, buildings, hotels and all the items those structures hold.

For about twenty years these little guys seemed to be wiped out. However, in the last decade or so they seem to have regrouped and become a formidable problem for those they affect. Bird nests and bat nests are a favorite place for bed bugs to infest outside. Once they enter buildings they rapidly reproduce spreading to all corners of the building. Scientists have found that in order to maintain life they need to feed on animals and humans. They seem to like human blood better than that of animals.

Because of their size it is difficult to find them and you will only see them out at night. The first time you see a little bite on your body that resembles a mosquito or flea bite with a small, itchy, pink raised round spot, you should check your house for bed bugs. Bed bugs aren’t known to carry disease which is really a good thing but many people can have an allergic reaction which is thought to come from the bed bug’s saliva. These little bed bugs hide in the crevices of mattresses but even though that may be a favorite spot they go from room to room, through cracks in walls, furniture, and even rugs and ceilings. Needless to say, once you determine you are infected with these blood sucking insects it is imperative to get an all natural product containing diatomaceous earth and sodium lauryl sulfate to start treatment right away.

A very interesting fact about bed bugs is that they are very hearty and can actually live for up to a year without blood and they won’t be affected. Add to that, the fact that they can breed very rapidly. A female can produce one to five eggs a day which are as big as a pinhead and can hardly be seen. Only one blood meal is needed for a hatchling to become a “nymph.” Then, after five moltings they are mature within one month. After a week of a female laying about twenty eggs and those “nymphs” reproducing, in just a few weeks one female bed bug will be responsible for laying almost two hundred eggs.

So, the fact of the matter is that yes Bed bugs do spread very fast. As soon as you discover that you have a bed bug problem, take appropriate measures to eliminate them from your life.

By: Bradley Skierkowski