Let talk about Mold

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Let talk about Mold

Molds are extremely tiny microorganisms that break down organic materials and multiply by giving off spores. Molds are a kind of fungi and there are thousands of different kinds. Mold aids in digesting or decomposing wood, plant foliage, and other plant remains. Molds lead to issues when they are left untreated in areas like our home.

How does mold get into your place of residence? It is able to gain entrance into your home as miniscule spores. Mold spores require damp settings to begin their destructive behavior. They do so by multiplying and breaking down various things in your home. They can develop on virtually any material, including; wood, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, paint, rugs, insulation, and drywall. Ideal conditions for mold development are areas where there is a great deal of dampness which can be the result of a roof that leaks, elevated humidity, or flooding. You can never eliminate mold and mold spores entirely from your place of residence, but you can manage mold development by maintaining a dry environment.

When molds are disrupted, they give off spores into the air. As the mold spores are dispersed into the air, we inhale them. We also come into contact with mold by touching moldy things, eating food with mold on it, or by touching something that is moldy and unintentionally infecting something else which you then put into your mouth, like food or your fingers.

How can molds affect your physical well-being? If you are a relatively healthy person, most molds will not affect you. On the other hand, if you have allergies or suffer from asthma, you may be affected more by molds. Symptoms associated with mold are skin rashes, stuffy nose, watery and itchy eyes, coughing, wheezing, and having trouble breathing. If you have a weak immune system or have any other respiratory problem, you may also be more susceptible to developing these symptoms associated with mold.

Only a small percentage of molds release mycotoxins, which are poisons into the surrounding air. Exposure to mycotoxins, in large amounts, may lead to migraines, lung and irritation, and nausea. Call your doctor immediately if you feel any of these symptoms are related to mold.

Use natural products to get rid of mold in your home. There are no harsh chemicals and they are safe to use around your family and four legged friends.

By: Bradley Skierkowski