Mold and mildew in a crawl space

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Mold and mildew are found everywhere in our environment. Mold in a crawl space is always something to be especially concerned with. Mold and fungi left unattended in a damp craw space areas can spread throughout the house in a very short period of time reeking havoc on a all parts of the construction of the home and its occupants creating a dangerous and hazardous environment for the occupants.

Around 1950 air vents were added to the construction of crawl spaces. The air vents were added with the thought that they would eliminate or reduce humidity levels under the homes in normal conditions. It was later discovered that the vents actually allowed moisture to enter the home and cause fungi and mold to grow. Crawl space air vents have since been eliminated for most building codes. Plastic film or more commonly called vapor barriers have been added to the building code as an added way of keeping moisture from seeping into the home causing mold to grow.

Ensuring that all crawl space areas are protected from the environment is very important in the prevention of mold and mildew. Rain water can leak in through unprotected areas allowing moisture and condensation to build and this will cause mold and fungi to form.

Newer home owners need to be aware of the buildup of mold more than ever. New homes are built better and tighter than ever. These well constructed homes are built better than ever. This better than ever construction does not allow for the home to breath and restricting the evaporation of naturally forming condensation causes mold to grow.

There is such a thing as an energy efficient crawlspace. The task of properly applying a vapor barrier and sealing a crawlspace is up to the contractor that is building the home. The functionality of a crawl space is always based on your local building code. The proper sealing of the crawl space will directly influence the amount of energy required to heat of cool your home from season to season not to mention protecting your home from mold.

In the event that you suspect the presence of mold in your home or crawl space. It is important that you contact a mold specialist immediately. Mold is something that can be kept under control if it is properly identified and treated as soon as possible. Mold remediation is an extremely costly project and can disrupt your life not to mention possibly removing you from your home.

By: Bradley Skierkowski