Suggestions for getting rid of Bed Bugs

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There are so many stressors in today’s society. We all need to relax and take a vacation now and then. We would never expect to encounter bed bugs in our hotel and have our stress heightened even more. Bed bugs should not be allowed to spoil a much needed getaway, but they do everyday all across our country. Bed bugs aren’t just here, but in other countries with moderate climate conditions. Hotels are prime breeding grounds for bed bugs. It’s like their Mecca. If we have the misfortune of staying at a hotel infested with bed bugs, there is a high probability that we will bring them back to our home. We might not even know that the hotel was infested and we could have continued our holiday at another hotel infesting that one as well. It is such a nasty cycle.

If you want to eradicate bed bugs entirely, it is vital that you know a little about them. Bed bugs are most active at night and their objective is to locate a human and feed off their blood. They are close in resemblance to that of a tick or a little cockroach. Bed bugs don’t have any wings, so they must crawl on you to attain their primary objective. You might wonder how they feed off of our blood. They do so by plunging two hollow tubes extended from their mouthparts into our tender skin. One tube draws up our blood while the other pushes in bed bug saliva containing an anticoagulant and an anesthetic.

The reason why bed bugs go undetected for so long is because they are excellent players of the game “hide and seek.” They conceal themselves in the most unlikely places. You can encounter them behind picture frames and even in your computer tower. We are all aware of the fact that bed bugs snuggle up in our mattresses, making themselves comfortable in the seams and folds. When you initially enter your hotel room, mattresses are the first place you should inspect for bed bugs. This is a favored hiding place for these resilient insects but they can be anywhere. When leaving your hotel, inspect your suitcase and everything you plan on putting into it. Bed bugs get into your home by packing themselves in your suitcase. Be smart and never place your clothing in the dressers provided to you by your hotel and never leave your suitcase on the floor.

Once you realize that bed bugs are in your home, you need to be aggressive in your attempt to eliminate them. Suck up all the bed bugs you can with a vacuum cleaner and be sure to use the attachments in the hard to reach areas. The room which is infested needs to be cleaned and all fabrics need be washed in very hot water or steamed. Don’t place any items or furniture that was in the contaminated room in other rooms while you clean the infested room; this will only enable the bed bugs to hide again and infest other rooms. As for the vacuum bag, burn it. If you can’t, place it in a plastic bag and immediately toss it in a dumpster.

When you are done cleaning, the fight has just begun. You need to treat the infested room with natural bed bug sprays and powders. One “green” substance that works wonders is diatomaceous earth. It kills bed bugs by cutting through their exoskeletons and essentially drying them out. Diatomaceous earth is a white powder made from ground up diatoms which can be sprinkled on your mattress, around your bed, and on virtually anything you need to. All you have to do is let it sit and do its work. Buy food grade diatomaceous earth because there are other varieties that are not as safe to use in your home. You may want to use a mask when applying DE because breathing in dusts and powders is never good for you, even though DE is entirely safe and nontoxic.

By: Bradley Skierkowski