Taking out Bed Bugs

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Problems with bed bugs are not only on the rise but they are being reported on the news and the internet. If you check on the internet you will find that there are big cities that are having problems with these bugs, like New York City, for example. Their apartment high rises are being particularly hard hit. Even hotels are having problems. In North Dakota, in Grand Forks, at an elderly high rise, bed bugs were found twice in 2008 but before year end exterminators had to return for yet a third time. Exterminators across the country use to get calls to take care of bed bugs maybe one or two times a month but that is up to a couple of times a week.

The scary thing about bed bugs is the fact that they can quickly reproduce and not only that they can overrun an apartment or other homes near by and spread like wildfire. This is why it is essential to identify and treat bed bugs as soon as possible. Once you have an infestation of bed bugs it is extremely hard to get rid of them, but it can be accomplished.

The first thing people usually see are a few small red bites that are similar to mosquito bites, small hives, or scabies. These little brown bugs are thin which allows them to hide in any crevice quite easily. You can find them in not only beds but sleeping bags, furniture, and really any place you can think of. If you stay at a motel they can steal a ride with you on your clothes or luggage. Scientists feel that when DDT was taken off the market, it allowed bed bugs, scabies, and other bugs to flourish.

If you rent a home or apartment you must tell your landlord you have a problem as soon as you identify it. Advice is available especially on the internet on how to start getting rid of bed bugs. Bed clothes must be treated separately from the bedroom itself. There are estimates that one bedbug can lay as many as five hundred eggs in a year alone – One bed bug.

Natural bed bug killing products can also be found on the internet. A wise thing to do would be to buy one containing food grade diatomaceous earth. It is safe for us but poses a serious threat to bed bugs. Another safe product is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This product can be used as a contact bed bug killer. In the meantime, think about investing in vinyl mattress and box spring covers. Bed bugs can’t get by this barrier like they can linens.

By: Bradley Skierkowski