Top 10 Reasons for Septic Tank Odors

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Top 10 Reasons for Septic Tank Odors.

Septic tank odors can be the worst smell. Especially when your dinner guests arrive and the septic tank odors consume your entire home. Septic tank odors are a sure sign that your system is in need of some type of maintenance or repair. Well operating septic systems and drain fields typically do not emit odors. The underground septic tank and drain field systems are contained or enclosed in an anaerobic environment that produces an anaerobic digestion process that acts as the onsite waste water treatment plant.

1) Lack of bacteria due to over use of chemicals will create an odor.

2) Septic tank is full and is requiring a pumped out. Septic systems will start to produce an odor over a period of time if not pumped out every 2 to 3 years.

3) Excessive washing machine water will flood the system washing the beneficial bacteria away diluting the ability of the system to digest solids.

4) Anti-Bacterial hand soaps kill off good bacterial in our septic tanks.

5) Cleaning chemicals kill off bacteria in septic systems.

6) Vent Stacks on the top of our homes can become clogged or plugged causing odors to push back into the home through sinks drains and toilets.

7) Dry Drains, pee traps located in garages, showers and bathrooms drains will dry out and allow septic gasses and odors to enter the home.

8) Excessive amount of rain will saturate the system causing drain field saturation allowing septic effluent or water to rise to the top of the drain field.

9) Stinky garbage disposal. If you have a septic system and drain field you should not be using the disposal. The solid matter that it generates can clog your drain field.

10) Covered septic tank vents can cause septic tank odors to push back into the house causing odors.

With the introduction of anti-bacterial additives and harsh cleaning chemicals it is almost a necessity to use a monthly beneficial bacterial supplement. Maintain a septic tank will give the home owner years of problem free service.

By: Bradley Skierkowski