Toxic Mold Illnesses

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Toxic Mold Illnesses

I wonder how many people know and understand how harmful mold growing in their homes really can be. These spores which can’t be seen with the naked eye can be nontoxic because there are many different types. For instance, mold on bread or cheese is not dangerous from of mold. On the other hand, some types of mold can be life threatening. Dangerous molds are usually found in walls that are destroyed by water, no ventilation in an area, leaky basements, and bad filtration systems can all contribute to an environment that is conducive to the growth of mold.

Curtin types of Molds are hard to detect and may not even be found until family members in their home become exposed and become ill. Toxic molds are called mycotoxins and can cause different aliments, mainly cold and allergy symptoms and sore throats. There are, however, two molds in particular that can be deadly. They are Stachybotrys and Chaetomium. These can cause things like chronic bronchitis, cancer, heart problems, and arthritis, bleeding in your lungs, lupus, and even learning disabilities. Be sure to read the signs.

If you have trouble breathing or flu symptoms, are dizzy, or experience acid reflux, you should move out of the affected area. If the toxic mold is at work you may even have to quit your job or ask for a reassignment or job description. Recovering from this type of mold may depend on the length of exposure. Sometimes damage is terminate and cannot be reversed. Landlords and owners of buildings are the one’s responsible of seeing that this type of mold is not present. If you have any concerns concerning the presents of mold contact your building supervisor or maintenance personnel as soon as possible. Contact the CDC and a local environmental control company to do some simple testing. If mold is untreated, It may causes human suffering undo loss of work and in some cases be life threatening.

Molds which are not toxic can be eliminated with products containing natural ingredients. If you think you have toxic mold in your home, have it tested immediately. Do wait around to see the side effects. Act fast and take care of the problem as quickly as possible.

By: Bradley Skierkowski