Warning; Bed Bugs in My Bed

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Bed bugs are tiny bugs that skulk in the seams of our mattresses, bed frames, furniture, and other areas in our home. It doesn’t have to be our home; bed bugs can be in a hotel room, cruise ship, apartment, or even a hospital. Bed bugs come out when the moon is out to drink our blood while we sleep helplessly. You won’t feel them biting because of an anesthetic found in their saliva that they inject into your flesh as they simultaneously draw up your blood. What you will notice are little bumps on your arms or legs resembling bites left by a mosquito, however, they will itch far worse than those left behind by a mosquito.

Bed bugs are present in the United States again because of the ban of DDT in the early 1970s and an explosion in international travel. They love to conceal themselves in suitcases and in the fabric of our clothing. They can even hide in paperback books and magazines. If any of the items you bring home with you are infected with bed bugs you can infest your home and so many others. While in your home they will take cover in and around your mattresses, furniture, pet bedding, carpets, behind wallpaper, dressers, and even in plug outlets. Keeping your home free of clutter will help you find and eliminate bed bugs sooner. Bed bugs aren’t picky, you can have the cleanest home on your block, and it doesn’t matter. Bed bugs are just as likely to be in your home as they are in a home that isn’t so clean. Having things lying around all over the place just enables bed bugs to conceal themselves in more places.

Bed bugs haven’t allowed one state feeling left out; they have invaded each and every one of them. One state that is especially hard hit is New York, particularly. The Big Apple. Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City are other major cities that have huge costly bed bug problems. If one hotel room, one apartment or town house becomes infested with bed bugs, entire buildings can become overrun with these horrible creatures if left untreated.

Once discovered, bed bugs have to be treated immediately. Everything needs to be sanitized and cleaned in hot water. After vacuuming, the bag should be burned or put in another plastic bag and properly disposed of. Don’t move items contaminated with bed bugs to other areas of your home, this will only transport bed bugs in those areas. Next, sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth in all the areas you spotted bed bugs. This white powdery substance is lethal for bed bugs but entirely safe for us. Diatomaceous earth will slash through their exoskeletons causing them to dehydrate and die. There are several all natural products on the market that will work effectively in the elimination of bed bug in your home.

By: Bradley Skierkowski