Where does Black Mold Grow

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Where does Black Mold Grow?

All home owners are aware of the possibility of coming across mold at some point. Most know a mild problem would not be good but they really don’t know just how much damage it does when it spreads. Also, mold can be hard to find.

The first place you should look for mold is in your basement. Most basements are warm and humidity is high. Just add some water or a small leak and you have the perfect scenario for a mold colony. Another place to check for mold is between your walls and floors. If you even have a small space between them it is a great place for mold to thrive. Eventually the mold will destroy the floor and walls and the whole room will have to be replaced.

A really scary thought is mold silently growing behind your walls. It can take over the entire room, out of sight, without you even knowing it. When a room is really covered with mold an odor is usually able to be detected but by that time it is too late to save the wallboard and floors you can’t even see.

Black mold attacks different surfaces than other molds. Instead of growing on wallboard or under floors, black mold likes furniture, drawers, and kitchen cabinets. Since these things usually contain small amounts of dirt and moisture, this is all black mold needs to thrive. The bad thing about growing on furniture, drawers, etc. is that the mold grows on the bottom of these things and can be present for a long, long time before it is discovered. Thoroughly check your home for moisture and keep it in check. Besides basements, bathrooms and kitchens should be regularly checked.

By: Bradley Skierkowski