NT-MAX Lake & Pond Sludge Digester
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NT-MAX Industrial Strength Algae and Duckweed Control is 100% Natural and environmentally safe.



NT-MAX is the Strongest Chemical Free Commercial Grade Lake and Pond Treatment Available on the Market Today!

Our Powerful Bacterial Strains are the Fastest, Most Effective and Strongest. NT-MAX Continually Multiplies - Producing Enzymes that Aggressively Digest and Consume decayed Sludge, Algae, Duckweed, Leaves, Grass Clippings, Fecal Matter and other organic material clouding and destroying your lake, pond or lagoons appearance.

NT-MAX is Environmentally Safe - Will not harm Humans, Pet's or Fish
No Toxic Chemicals
Prevent Costly Dredging
Eliminate Foul Odor
Digests up to 1000 lbs. of Compacted Sludge within a 24 Hour Period
12 Trillion! Bacteria Thrive on Nutrients that Supply Problem Conditions.
Lab Cultivated Strains Consume Dead Algae and then Digest Them

Pennies Per Day can Save you Tens of Thousands in Dredging Costs
Commercial Grade NT-MAX Liquefies Bottom Sludge into water and Co2.

Free shipping on selected orders
Stop paying retail pricing on consumer grade Algae and Duckweed Control.

Our superior products main advantages over our competitors:
  *Highest Bacterial Counts 12 Trillion per Gallon
*Fastest, Most Effective Commercial Grade Bacteria
*NT-MAX Continually Digests Dead Algae and Sludge Keeping Your Water Sparkling Clean and Trouble Free
NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment comes in pre-measured biodegradable bags ready to distribute into your lake, pond or lagoon following simple treatment guidelines designed for your waters coverage area. Once treated, bacterial colonies quickly multiply and get to work digesting the nutrients and heavy sludge buildup settled on the bed bottom, shoreline, decks, docks and ornamentals. Solids within your lake or pond are broken down and digested into harmless water and Co2 while nutrients composed of dead algae, duckweed and other pond weeds are eliminated - effectively and naturally stopping troublesome conditions. Sludge and decaying organics are consumed and odors disappear! NT-MAX multiplies rapidly while aggressively digesting up to 1000 lbs of organic matter in a 24 hour period. Water quality is restored to pristine condition while powerful bacterial strains continually digest the inanimate algae, nutrients and other fuel sources related to troublesome water conditions. (see below).

"Solids within your lake or pond are broken down and digested into harmless water and Co2 and nutrients, dead algae and duckweed are digested - effectively and naturally eliminating troublesome conditions. Sludge and decaying organics are consumed and odors disappear!"

The bottom sludge layer is often the main source of nutrient supply comprised of dead weeds, algae and other organics do to the natural decay cycle present in all bodies of water. This cycle is the typical method in which dead algae, dead duckweed, plants, leaves, droppings, grass, dead fish and other bio-degradables that enter your ecosystem. Often, herbicides and algaecides severely damage the natural balance and upset the degradation process in these lower levels. The result is an unstable and weakened system, unable to effectively handle the continual decaying matter. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment quickly re-establishes essential bacterial enzymes that are supercharged to quickly neutralize adverse chemical effects and stabilize your waters ecosystem to pristine condition.

12 Trillion bacteria rapidly get to work at digesting and breaking down even the most compacted bottom sludge. NT-MAX bacterial enzymes digests up to 1000 pounds of the sludge, nutrients, decomposing algae and duckweed ruining your lake or ponds appearance resulting in an unhealthy, odorous ecosystem. Our superior enzymes rapidly digest all decaying organics and degrade the nutrients that lead to poor water appearance. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment removes nitrogen compounds from your water thus starving nuisance conditions to a point where they deplete and later get broken down and digested by the bacterial strains. Additionally, NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment degrades accumulated organic waste, surface scum and bottom sludge for and utilize them as carbon sources. The lasting outcome is sparkling clean, crystal clear water, free from problem conditions, dead algae, dead duckweed and other nuisance weeds, odors and sludge.

 NT-MAX is hands down the most potent commercial grade bacterial remediation treatment available anywhere. NT-MAX remediation technologies are used throughout the globe from multi million dollar corporations to backyard ornamental ponds. Our extremely aggressive bacterial strains are by far the strongest products available - from the Lake Jamno Clean up to the more recent Big Bear Lake Project, Bio-remediation technology is a key ingredient to clean and eco friendly water treatment. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment ensures a proper balance for your entire water area from surface to bottom levels.

To date, our success rate is 100% and our products are guaranteed to eliminate sludge and alleviate your waters decaying algae, scum layer and decomposing duckweed problem. Backed by over 70 years of research, NT-MAX products continue to be a world leader in bio-remediation and clarity control. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment can save you tens of thousands of dollars in dredging and fine costs and will assure a healthy waterway for people, pets, fish and the surrounding environment. Lake and pond dredging is an unneeded and often unnecessary burden on your finances and can lead to an endless cycle of full time chemical pond maintenance. 

NT-MAX is Highly Effective in:
Golf Courses
Fish Hatcheries
Urban Rest Areas
Theme Parks
Livestock Lagoons
Corporate Retreats
Wastewater Treatment Systems
NT-MAX is approved for all water systems and is harmless to non-organic materials such as floaters, boats, docks, decks and shoreline objects. Chemical products can be hazardous to people, neighbors, pets and the environment and their detrimental dislodging actions can further force solids deeper into your pond, lake or lagoon. Our wholesale pricing models save you more than 50% over typical retail pricing while providing you with the strongest possible bacterial remedy treatment that is environmentally safe and eco friendly.
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ęCopyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment USA All Rights Reserved NewTechBio USA provides the most powerful lake and pond cleaning enzyme and bacterial remediation treatments on the market in powder form. Lake dredging and EPA fines can cost tens of thousands of dollars to ensure a healthy ecosystem. NT-MAX Biological Digester treatment contains 12 trillion bacteria per gallon and can digest leaves, dead algae, decaying weeds and clipping and more - restoring your infested lake, pond or lagoon to crystal clear condition. *simulations reflect potential of NT-MAX Biological Digester treatment *Free shipping in the continental US only excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and International orders. Other NT-MAX treatments may exclude shipping.