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SONAR Q Pellets 40LB Fluridone - Lake Weed Control + Free Shipping!


SONAR Q - 40lb Pail - Sonar Q is the fastest-releasing Sonar pellet in a quick, easy-to-apply formulation that selectively manages undesirable aquatic vegetation for a year or longer. Sonar Q has the efficient concentration level of a liquid, but provides for more accurate placement. The pellets will land where they are thrown, eliminating overspray onto sensitive shoreline vegetation like lawns.

SONAR Q pellet formulation is recommended for use in water bodies with sandy or rocky bottoms.

SONAR Q accelerates the release of fluridone concentrations into the water column. SONAR Q provides a longer-lasting residual than liquid Sonar A.S., and still delivers an effective dose to targeted plants within the first day. The rapid pellet expansion allows the product to release fluriudone quicker while remaining buoyant on sandy or firm bottoms, avoiding complete organic tie-up. As SONAR Q is immediately carried to the bottom of the waterbody, Sonar's active ingredient is less likely to be impacted by initial light degradation, preserving valuable fluridone parts per billion (ppb's) for targeted plant control.

How Sonar Q Works -Mode of Action:
Sonar controls unwanted aquatic vegetation by restricting the plants’ ability to make food, causing them to die. This involves inhibiting development of yellow pigments that protect a plant’s chlorophyll from decomposition by sunlight. As the plant’s chlorophyll decreases, so does its capacity to produce food. The visual symptom of Sonar’s action is bleaching (turning white) on the terminal bud or growing points of the plant.

What to Expect:
Sonar is selective and controls target weeds slowly. It lets desirable vegetation re-establish itself, and does not result in oxygen depletion or fish kill. Aquatic weeds remain under control for a full season and often longer.
It takes 30 to 60 days for Sonar to control the established weeds. You should expect full results within 90 days.You’ll be able to observe the visual symptoms of Sonar’s action as chlorosis, or bleaching, gradually appears on the terminal buds, or growing points, of the plant. Plants in the intermediate range of susceptibility may require treatment at the maximum label rate. Typically these species are only partially controlled. If aquatic weeds have impeded fishing, boating or swimming and made your pond unsightly, there is a solution: Sonar Q Aquatic Herbicide from SePRO Corporation. Sonar is the world's leading brand of aquatic herbicide for the selective, long-term control of undesirable aquatic vegetation. Sonar makes water usable for recreation, brings the fish population back into balance and restores property values; all without any restrictions on post-treatment swimming, fishing or drinking.

How To Apply Sonar Q
This "ready-to-apply" pellet formulation allows you to place the Sonar exactly where desired. Apply Sonar Q at a rate of 20 pounds per acre at an average depth of 4' - 6' or 4 lbs. per acre-foot. Sonar Q makes water usable for recreation and helps provide an environment for bringing fish populations back into balance. Sonar usage won't restrict swimming, fishing or drinking.

Sonar Q can be applied starting in early spring, at the first sign of weed growth.

Pond Level 
Best control is obtained when water discharge can be stopped for thirty days or longer. Pond levels should be at or near normal water level when treated. Excessive outflow dilutes Sonar Q and reduces the chance of control. Outflow can be reduced by lowering pond level prior to treating with a siphon made from a rubber or PVC pipe.

The dose for the first Sonar Q treatment is normally 20 lbs. per surface-acre depending upon depth (see product label).

The labeled rate for Sonar Q should be split and applied in two applications about 10 - 14 days apart. For small ponds, application can be made from the bank. Spread pellets directly from container into the water. It is not necessary for Sonar Q to come into direct contact with the plants for effective control. If infestation is heavy, disperse thick mats in order to get the product directly into the water. Be sure to triple rinse the container and pour the rinse water back into the pond.

Control Time 
Plants should start turning white as control begins in 2 - 4 weeks. It may take 5 - 10 weeks for final results. This slow rate of control is beneficial as it greatly decreases the chance for a severe change in oxygen levels which can harm fish. No restrictions for swimming, fishing, boating or livestock use. Some precautions may apply for irrigation. See product label for details.

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Weeds Controlled
  • American Pondweed
  • Bladderwort
  • Clasping-Leaf Pondweed
  • Coontail
  • Curly-Leaf Pondweed
  • Elodea
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil
  • Fanwort
  • Flat-Stemmed Pondweed
  • Floating-Leaf Pondweed
  • Horned Pondweed
  • Hydrilla
  • Large-Leaf Pondweed
  • Naiads
  • Sago Pondweed
  • Salvinia
  • Small Pondweed
  • Variable-Leaf Watermilfoil


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