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MAKO HIGH CONCENTRATE Lake Dye - Professional Grade 5X Concentrate Treats 1 Acre 4 to 6' Deep - 32oz Liquid


MAKO HIGH CONCENTRATE Professional Grade 5X Aquatic Blue Lake & Pond Dye Treats 1 Acre. 32 oz. Concentrated Colorant

  • Professional Grade 5X Super Concentrate Formula Lasts Longer
  • 100% Safe Around People, Pet’s, Horses, Birds, Livestock and Fish
  • Increases Brilliance and Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal of your Lake or Pond
  • Ultra-Condensed Aquatic Colorant Blend Treats 1 Acre up to 6’ Deep
  • Water Can Be Used Immediately After Application. No Restrictions – No Wait Time
  • Can Be Used in Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall for Year Round Coverage
  • Lab Synergized Formula Blocks a Broader Spectrum of UV Rays
  • 100% Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Environmentally Friendly & Irrigation Safe
  • Developed Using the Latest Aquatic Chemistry and Finest Lake & Pond Dyes

Available in 3 Different Tones – Perfect Blue, Bahama Blue & Midnight Black

**Contains 'Hidden Yellow' pigment for superior light blockage in Bahama Blue & Midnight Black models.

MAKO™ Lake and Pond Dye is the ultimate professional colorant, and can be used year round to enhance and beautify your lake or pond. Maximum concentrate MAKO™ works faster and lasts longer in most all contained bodies of water. MAKO™ reduces sunlight penetration by blocking a broad spectrum of UV rays and is 100% Safe around people, livestock, birds, pets, horses, fish, wildlife and the environment.


Water treated with MAKO™ may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Once applied to water, MAKO™ will not stain docks, boats or decorative features.


MAKO™ rapidly spreads through your water to create a stunning natural effect. Formulated using only the highest quality deep dyes, MAKO™ guarantees a deeper, richer appearance.


Perfect for lakes, ponds, ornamental water features, fish hatcheries, irrigation & runoff canals, drainage ditches, aquaculture and other contained (or very low outflow) bodies of water.

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