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GreenCleanMAX® Liquid Pool and Spa Shock Treatment - 1 Gallon + Free Shipping


New GreenCleanMAX® Non-Chlorine Liquid Pool & Spa Treatment - "1 Gallon Treats 10,000 Gallons of Water!

GreenCleanMAX® Non-Chlorine Pool and Spa Treatment is derived from activated peroxygen chemistries that do not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine and copper that are found in many other products. Its unique formula does not leave behind odors or irritating byproducts, simply breaking down into water and oxygen.

GreenCleanMAX® Treats Waste, Odors, Impurities, Chlorine Levels, and Irritants.

GreenCleanMAX® Pooll & Spa Treatment Is a chlorine-free shock treatment that quickly treats organic waste, oils and impurities: controls odors and reduces combined chlorine levels without the hassle of chlorination shock treatments.

When to Use? Use when chlorine levels are high Use when odors are high After heavy use of pool or spa and weekly as a maintenance program.

Application Rates: 2-3oz as maintenance/ 6oz as a curative rate. Apply Weekly as a chlorine alternative to maintain a crystal clear spa.

Where to Use? Use in all Pools & Spas.

The Benefits:
Effective: Brings Water into Balance Quickly Sustainable: Biodegrades into water and oxygen, alternative to copper and chlorine.

Convenient: Works Quickly, Allows Pool or Spa Use After 15 Minutes Easy To Use: Simple Application, Ideal for All types of Pools or Spas; Sold in Convenient Tip N’ Pour Bottle.



Above Ground Pools
12 ft Round - about 3,398 gallons
15 ft Round - about 5,310 gallons
18 ft Round - about 8,602 gallons
21 ft Round - about 10,408 gallons
24 ft Round - about 13,594 gallons
27 ft Round - about 17,205 gallons
30 ft Round - about 21,240 gallons
33 ft Round - about 25,700 gallons
In-Ground Pools
12' x 24'  - 11,900 gallons
14' x 28' - 16,200 gallons
15' x 30' - 18,600 gallons
16' x 32' - 21,100 gallons
18' x 36' - 26,700 gallons
20' x 40' - 33,000 gallons
25' x 50' - 51,600 gallons
30' x 50' - 61,875 gallons

SPA'S -  The Average 6 person Spa Holds 300 to 500 Gallons of Water

DIRECTIONS/AMOUNTS -  Turn off filtration, chlorination or remove chlorine tables. Apply 6 oz. per 500 gallons. Evenly apply around pool or spa. Allow water to circulate. Resume filtration and chlorination 1-2 hours after application.

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