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NT-MAX is the strongest 100% Natural Digestion Treatment Available! Trillions of Bacteria Rapidly Consume and Digest Troublesome Organic Infestation Polluting you Waters Condition!

1) Is NT-MAX Treatment Safe around People?Is NT-MAX Treatment Safe around People?Unlike typical algaecides, herbicides and other chemical based products, NT-MAX Biological treatment is 100% natural and safe around family, pets, fish and the environment. The special bacteria spores within NT-MAX are powerful hand selected and laboratory cultivated bacteria enzymes proven to be 100% safe with lasting results.

NT-MAX is an environmentally safe and effective commercial grade treatment which will digest dead algae, duckweed, leaves, grass clippings, decaying organics and clean up the mess giving control back to you. NT-MAX is a ready-to-use product that requires simple dilution or can be tossed-out. It is fortified with multiple highly potent natural enzymes designed to provide continuous control.

2) How Does NT-MAX Work?The Science Behind NT-MAXNT-MAX contains lab cultivated bacterial strains which, when dosed into your water, quickly start to multiply - doubling in numbers every 20 minutes. Powerful bacterial and enzymes start to quickly digest sludge, nutrients and organic matter at over 1000 lbs per day to quickly improve water quality while clarifying problem conditions. Decomposing organic materials decay and settle on the bottom sludge area where NT-MAX digests them into harmless water and CO2. As the nuisances are eliminated, murky water improves and odors disappear - permanently!

3) How Will I Know It's Working?Visual EffectsThe first thing you will notice is that the odors go away. Not just disappear for a day or two - but go away altogether! Behind the scenes, NT-MAX ingredients start to deplete excess nutrients, phosphorus, nitrates and ammonia - digesting years of settled sludge buildup accumulated at the bottom areas. As degradation continues, water quality improves and the entire ecosystem once again stabilizes to optimum levels. The heavier the dosage, the more effective NT-MAX will be upon initially treated water bodies.

4) Is NT-MAX All Natural?All Natural And 100% Safe!100% Safe, All Natural and ozone friendly! NT-MAX Biological Treatment ingredients are laboratory tested and guaranteed 100% pure and non-hazardous. Each batch is carefully screened to remove any chance of contamination by harmful bacteria. 100% safe to humans, pets, fish and the environment.

5) Why Should I Use NT-MAX Treatment?NT-MAX Is Good For Your PondNT-MAX is an environmentally friendly product made with you, the consumer, in mind. Our products are 100% natural and safe. NT-Max will not harm people, pets, fish or the environment. Many products on the market today are chemical based with a multitude of negative articles and university studies showing potential short and long term side affects. NT-MAX allows you to take back control of your areas without the worry of potential long term affects possibly associated with other products.

6) How Does NT-MAX Eliminate Problem Conditions?Problem ConditionsNT-MAX not only lowers phosphorus and nitrate levels, it is also a potent waste degrader that digests years of decaying organic matter such as algae, duckweed, grass clippings, and other decaying plant remnants settled at the lake or pond bottom areas. NT-MAX digests dead algae, duckweed and other pond weeds - stripping your water of excess nutrients that feed cloudy, murky, congested and other problem conditions.

NT-MAX breaks the cycle by consuming nutrients which allow spoilage of your waters beauty. As the powerful bacteria reduces nutrient levels, depletes dead algae, duckweed and other decaying organics, your water condition will rapidly improve - simple science without the use of potentially toxic chemical additives.

7) Will NT-MAX Affect swimming or water activities?Swimming and Water ActivitiesYou can continue on as if nothing has changed. NT-MAX is 100% safe around people, pets, fish and the environment. Unlike chemical treatments, there is no wait-time during or after treatments.

8) How Long Will it Take to Work?How Fast Does It Work?NT-MAX activates immediately upon hitting water! The powerful bacterial enzymes quickly get to work at multistage water regeneration and clarification which normally results in a noticeable improvement in just a few days. Bottom sludge digestion can incur longer wait times for the bacteria to consume but odors and water clarity become evident in a relatively short period of time.

9) Will NT-MAX hurt my lawn/field grazing animals?Safe for Pasture, Lawns and Ornamental'sNo. NT-MAX is 100% environmentally safe and friendly and will not harm people, pets, animals, plants or grassy areas.

10) How Do I Store leftover Product?StorageFor optimum longevity, store NT-MAX in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. The product has a shelf life of roughly 5 years.

11) How Often Should I Dose?Dosing InstructionsPlease refer to the 'Treatment Guide' link to the left for optimum dosage and treatment recommendations.

12) Why is NewTechBio the Right Choice?The NT-MAX Difference!

Since our inception more than a decade ago, NT-MAX has become the 'Gold Standard' of lake and pond remediation amassing more 5 star ratings than any other aquatic supplier!

Each year, countless customers switch to NewTechBio due to our superior bacteria cultures, impeccable customer service and a pricing model that literally 'Blows The Competition Out Of The Water'!

We manufacture and carry only the most popular and effective brands and all of our clients experience absolute rock-bottom discount pricing coupled with impeccable customer service!

Whether you need lake or pond dye, chemicals or bacteria and enzyme based remediation products, NewTechBio offers the lowest prices and best customer service nationwide.

"star My Pond Looks Absolutely Fantastic
I have dealt with practically every pond specialty shop online and locally and no one even comes close to the prices at Newtech. I compared Cutrine, Aquathol, hydrothol, Navigate, Sonar and half a dozen other products and not one dealer beat them. I treat my pond hard with NTmax bacteria and tint blue early on in the spring. I am a 7 year - happy customer and purchase everything I need from Newtech.
Dan Abraham, MO. "
Industrial Strength Nutrient and Sludge and Nutrient Digester, Environmentally Safe, Strongest Product Available.

NT-MAX Pond and Lake Decaying Algae and Dead Duckweed digestion treatment
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