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NT-MAX grease trap treatment is 100% natural and environmentally safe.

restaurant grease trap treatment button Environmentally Safe
restaurant grease trap treatment button Eliminate Pump-Outs
restaurant grease trap treatment button Reduce FOG Discharge
restaurant grease trap treatment button Eliminate Drain Odor
restaurant grease trap treatment button Digest Organic Material
restaurant grease trap treatment button Fast Protein Degradation
restaurant grease trap treatment button 4.1 Trillion Bacteria
restaurant grease trap treatment button Safe for Employees
restaurant grease trap treatment button No Harmful Chemicals
restaurant grease trap treatment button Pennies Per Day
restaurant grease trap treatment button Liquefies Grease
restaurant grease trap treatment button Prevent Drainfield Clogs

Septic tank maintenance
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Grease Trap Treatment Eliminates Pump Outs, Completely Restores Clogged Drainfields and Stops Odors Fast

Grease trap treatment buttonGrease Trap treatment with 4.1 TRILLION Bacteria that double in numbers ever 30 minutes to absorb and digest Grease, Oils, Fats and Food Waste that Degrades Your Grease Trap Performance.
Picture of a restaurant floor grease trap before using NT-MAX grease trap treatment. Before NT-MAX* Picture of a restaurant floor grease trap after using NT-MAX grease trap treatment. Fats, Oils, Grease and Organics are digested and lines are cleared. Drain field lines are completely restored to like new condition and odors are eliminated. After NT-MAX*
Our Industrial Strength Grease Trap Treatment Contains Higher Bacterial and Enzyme Counts than Any other Treatment!
Commercial Grade Bacterial Enzyme septic treatment formulas were used to treat the Galapagos Island Oil Spill in 2001 and the Hurricane Katrina Spills of 2005. We Guarantee that our products are the strongest grease trap treatments on the market and are backed by over 70 years of research and development.
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NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment has the power to fully restore Your Non-Performing Grease Trap and Drainfield eating up to 100 lbs of Grease, Oils and Fats in a 24 Hour Period! Millions of Times Stronger than Roto Rooter and Safe to Humans, Pets, Septic Systems, Septic Drainfields, Plumbing and the Environment.

 NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment
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Stop paying retail pricing on consumer grade grease trap treatments. NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment can eliminate pump-outs, totally restore drainfields and keep your system sparkling clean.
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  STOP TRAP ODORS! Eliminate grease trap odors with NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment.
Commercial Strength Grease Trap Treatment with 4 Trillion bacteria. 100% guaranteed to safely eliminate grease, oils, fats, paper and solid waste. Helps eliminate the causes of clogged grease traps, drainfields, bad bacteria and odor.
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Why Do Grease Traps Fail?
Eliminating grease trap odors and backups can be a major problem in food management and without proper care and treatment, problem situations like odors, backups, failed inspections, excessive pumping and overall unsafe sanitary conditions can plague even the most well run establishments. Many inferior, over the counter products and chemical degreasers are designed to simply free up compacted sludge and grime attached to the inner walls and piping throughout your system. This "loosening" often results in solids and FOG ( Fats, Oils, Grease ) bypassing your trap to recongregate deeper within your system. This cycle often causes sever congestion and clogging downstream within your pipes and fields. Fats, oils, grease and other organics accumulate and performance degrades or ceases all together. One weekly dose of NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment will revitalize your system and restore complete functionality to your grease trap, lines and drainfield system. Packed with over 4.1 Trillion specifically designed bacteria per gallon, NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment quickly digests the oils, fats, grease and other organics currently clogging your trap, lines and drainfield at up to 100lbs in a 24 hour period. Odors disappear and the need for pump-outs is often completely eliminated.

NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment is laboratory designed and packaged for direct addition to drains and grease traps in commercial establishments, restaurants, resorts, convalescent centers, prisons and schools. Our aggressive bacterial strains are formulated to insure optimal performance under the toughest conditions. NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment contains hand selected bacteria strains, nutrients, stimulants and surfactants designed to degrade a wide range of FOG ( Fats, Oil, Grease) as well as vegetable, protein, starch and other organic matter found in a general grease trap environment. With 4.1 Trillion bacteria per gallon, NT-MAX aggressively and rapidly consumes FOG while doubling in numbers every 30 minutes assuring that one weekly dose will completely restore your clogged trap and drainfield to like new condition.

NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment bombards your system with lab cultivated bacterial/enzyme cultures specifically designed to digest and degrade at an extremely aggressive rate. Grease trap systems are designed to function properly with proper care and treatment and NT-MAX can save and restore clogged systems to like new condition. Grease Trap replacement can be costly and replacing a drainfield can run $10,000.00 to $80,000.00 or more. NT-MAX is the strongest commercial grade grease trap treatment on the market and is backed by over 70 years research and development.
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Copyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX grease trap Treatment USA All Rights Reserved NewTechBio USA provides the most powerful grease trap treatment cleaning enzyme and bacterial restaurant grease trap treatments on the market in a powder or liquid form. Clogged grease trap lines and clogged drainfields can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. NT-MAX grease trap treatment contains 4.1 Trillion bacteria per gallon and can completely restore your clogged grease trap drainfield to full functionality.Free FedEx ground on all orders of NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment.