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NT-MAX grease trap treatment is 100% natural and environmentally safe.

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 Servicing the residential and commercial industry, NewTechBio provides the highest-quality superior strains of bacteria/enzyme formulas designed for accelerated organic waste degradation. Our products are technologically advanced to meet the harshest of environments and problems. What ever the application, our specifically engineered bacterial strains and all natural additives are designed to promote accelerated grease, waste liquefaction and digestion in all waste systems. We have the technical ability and the staff to engineer a solution that will meet the need of any residential or commercial requirement or treatment request. Our goal at NewTechBio is to satisfy our customer waste system challenge regardless of the nature or difficulty.

 Whether you are treating grease trap odors, unclogging an old septic tank system, maintaining a new system or looking to service a central modern wastewater treatment and reclamation system, we have the right product. NewTechBio is here to assist in making the best decision for your individual needs. We have the knowledge, along with many years of experience to specifically address your individual needs and requirements, regardless of the application.
Industrial Strength Grease Trap Treatment. 100% Natural, Environmentally Safe, Strongest Product Available. Restore Clogged Traps, Lines, Fields and Eliminate Pump-Outs.
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NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment is used throughout the world.
The bottom line is that if your business, your home, farm, company, school district, or your city municipality has wastewater treatment issues that need professional attention, you need to contact NewTechBio for the best custom technical superior engineered waste system treatment solutions at affordable wholesale prices. Don’t make the mistake of spending thousands replacing a good system when you can remedy the problem with a quality proven product from NewTechBio. Save time, save money and save the environment… choose NewTechBio for any waste system or drain needs regardless of the application.
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© Copyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX grease trap Treatment USA All Rights Reserved NewTechBio USA provides the most powerful grease trap treatment cleaning enzyme and bacterial restaurant grease trap treatments on the market in a powder or liquid form. Clogged grease trap lines and clogged drainfields can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. NT-MAX grease trap treatment contains 4.1 Trillion bacteria per gallon and can completely restore your clogged grease trap drainfield to full functionality.
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