NT-MAX Lake & Pond Sludge Digester
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NT-MAX Industrial Strength Dead Algae Digestion Treatment is 100% Natural and environmentally safe.
Environmentally Safe
No Toxic Chemicals
Prevent Costly Dredging
Eliminate Foul Odor
Reduce Bottom Sludge
Restore Biological Action
Digests Decaying Plants
Optimize PH Levels
Digests 1000lbs per Day
Safe for People-Pets-Fish
Converts Sludge to Water
Inhibit Excess Nutrients
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Fluridone herbicide
Algae Control
Duckweed Control
Lake weed Control Foaming Root Killer

NT-MAX Industrial Strength Biological Water Clarifier & Digester Eliminates Excess Sludge & Nutrients to Completely Restore Your Lake, Pond or Lagoon to Crystal Clear Condition

Biological Bacterial treatment with Billions of bacteria that double in numbers every 30 minutes to absorb and digest sludge and nutrients while reducing excessive fuel.
Highest Bacterial Counts Available!
Pond Treated With NT-MAX Lake and Pond - Dead Algae and Duckweed Digester
 Commercial Grade Bacterial Enzyme treatment formulas were used to treat Big Bear Lake, Lake Jamno and more. With over 70 years of research and development behind us, We Guarantee that our products are the most powerful biological treatments available on the market.
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NT-MAX Biological Digester has the Power to Fully Eliminate Excess Nutrients for Better Quality and Clarity while Digesting Bottom Sludge at up to 1000 Lbs per day.  Millions of Times Stronger than Over The Counter Products and 100% Safe to Humans, Pets, Fish and the Environment.

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Stop paying retail pricing on consumer grade Dead Algae and Duckweed Digester Treatments
  STOP FOUL ODORS! Stop Decaying Algae Odors
Powerful Biological  treatment with more than 12 Trillion Sludge digesting bacteria & enzymes are 100% guaranteed to safely eliminate Excess Nutrients, Slime and Odors while digesting Phosphorus, Ammonia and Nitrates. Consumes Sludge and Odors while restoring your waters natural biological function to pristine condition.
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Why Biological treatments are a good choice.

Untreated or poorly maintained ponds, lakes and lagoons often develop severe sludge and nutrient excess as a result of the ecosystems natural decaying process. Sometimes this natural decaying process balances out resulting in a healthy, clear water quality condition, but in many cases, the organic load on ponds and lakes becomes too excessive to overcome the decaying matter, and this is why unruly problems begin to appear. Fish, birds, fecal matter, dead plants, decaying fish or bugs, leaves, grass and twigs all contribute to excessive nutrients that lead to a plethora of unsightly water conditions. These "fuels" allow problems to rapidly multiply - leading to an unhealthy and undesirable lake or pond ecosystem overburdened with odors, sludge and undigested decay. Yearly organic deposits build-up and charge the bottom sludge layers resulting in rich nutrient beds along that promote unsightly conditions, odor and reduced clarity.

Chemical based clarifiers cannot eliminate organic loads which are stored in the bottom layers consisting of a nutrient rich, slimy material known as "sludge". This bottom settling sludge layer is rich in nutrients and provides an endless supply of fuels which cause excess cloudiness, odor, slime, phosphorus, nitrates, ammonia and more. Since many chemical based treatments require constant re-treatment, water tables often become toxic with repeat applications creating a condition which is highly unsafe for people, pets, fish, soil beds and the environment.

Unlike potentially harmful chemicals, algaecides and herbicides, NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment aggressively digests and breaks down sludge and decaying organic matter into harmless water and carbon dioxide. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment contains trillions of lab-cultivated, beneficial bacterial enzyme strains specifically designed to restore critical balance to your waters ecosystem. NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment activates upon contact with water to begin rapidly digesting sludge while depleting the excess nutrient supply fueling unsightly conditions.

NT-MAX enzymes multiply at an astonishing rate, doubling in numbers every 20 minutes to aggressively eat and digest the surplus nutrients overtaxing your pond or lake. As NT-MAX digests the lifeblood nutrients that are critical for unsightly conditions to thrive, water quality improves and clears, while dead weeds, organics, algae, grass trimmings and leaves continue to settle to the pond bottom where they are continually broken down by 16 selected strains of lab cultivated bacteria. As powerful enzymes digest organics, oxygen levels are restored, odors are eliminated and overall depth visibility dramatically increases. NT-MAX lowers nitrate levels and allows you to take complete control of your waters condition, appearance and quality. Once clear and free of contaminants, dead weeds and decaying algae, only minimal maintenance is recommended to assure a healthy, ecologically safe and sound pond or lake.

Using NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment on a regular basis restricts sludge and bio-waste buildup. The bacterial enzymes introduced into your pond or lake by NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment are extremely aggressive at digesting all organic waste and are of the highest quality and purity, guaranteed to be non-disease causing and non-hazardous. Our bacterial strains are of the most potent and densely populated counts available (see comparison chart here), containing aerobic and anaerobic cultures to attack and digest even the most severely infested bodies of water. To date, our success rate is second to none and our products are guaranteed to eliminate all decaying organic matter, bio buildup, decaying algae and weeds, sludge and other degradable compounds destroying your lake or ponds ecosystem. With 70 years of experience behind us, NT-MAX products continue to be a dominant leader in natural lake and pond restoration.

NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment can save you tens of thousands of dollars in dredging costs and fines, and can have your lake restored in a matter of days to weeks. In many areas, chemical bans are bieng implemented due to uncertain prolonged exposure risks combined with potentially devastating environmental effects to you, your family and the surrounding wildlife. Heavy dredging can cost $8,000 to $80,000 or more, and in most cases is an unneeded burden on your finances. If your lake or pond needs a permanent solution, go with NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment - a lake restoration product that's safe for your family and the environment.

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ęCopyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment and care product. USA All Rights Reserved NewTechBio USA provides the most powerful lake and pond cleaning enzyme and bacterial remediation treatments on the market in powder form. Lake dredging and EPA fines can cost tens of thousands of dollars to ensure a healthy ecosystem. NT-MAX Biological Digester treatment contains 12 trillion bacteria per gallon and can digest leaves, dead algae, decaying weeds and clipping and more - restoring your infested lake, pond or lagoon to crystal clear condition. *simulations reflect potential of NT-MAX Biological Digester treatment *Free shipping in the continental US only excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and International orders. Other NT-MAX treatments may exclude shipping.