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RootX is effective and environmentally safe.

Fast Foaming Action
Works on Contact
Prevent Costly Repairs
Eliminate Breakage
Clear Clogged Drainfield
Repair Clogged Lines
Kills Roots Fast
Eliminate Root Backups
Lasts for Years
Pennies Per Day
All Roots Eliminated
End Septic tank Clogs

ROOTX Maximum Strength Root Killer. Guaranteed to Eliminates Roots Clogging and Blocking Your Entire Septic System

Patented RootX root killer completely eliminates roots in sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems. Aggressive foaming action strips away grease and grime to quickly penetrate and kill roots on contact and free up blockages.
Picture of a root clogged pipe prior to treatment with RootX root killer Before RootX* Picture of a cleared pipe after treatment with RootX root killer After RootX*
Premium Grade Root Killer with Powerful Root Killing Ingredients Clears Blockages and Protects Lines for up to 12 months!
 RootX Root Killer has successfully treated thousands of municipalities including major metro areas from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Honolulu, HI. Root infestation will eventually destroy a sewer or septic system, costing tens of thousands of dollars to replace. When used as recommended, RootX eliminates roots and prevents re-growth for up to 3 years!
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RootX kills roots on contact; the dead roots decay over time and are carried out with the flow of the pipe, restoring the pipe to its full capacity. RootX also leaves a barrier on the pipe walls to prevent future root growth. Unlike other brands with harsh chemicals, RootX Contains NO Copper Sulfate and is completely safe on septic systems, pipes and lines. RootX root killer is non-caustic and safe for all internal piping.
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RootX Root Killer
Stop roots fast
Root-X Root Killer with powerful foaming agents completely eliminates root infestation  throughout your entire septic system and all internal household piping alleviating root related backups and odor. Powerful formula is 100% safe on all internal piping and is an EPA registered product.
How Much Do I Need?
RootX Dosage ChartRootX is the premier Root Killer - 100% Guaranteed to eliminate and kill all roots inhibiting your septic system and sewer functionality. If your system is backed up, or your drainfield is clogged, you may additionally require a potent septic tank bacterial treatment to digest blocked lines and sludge filled drainfield soils to restore full functionality using a "One Two Punch" approach. RootX can take up to weeks to completely digest and destroy roots within your system and backups are often a result of untreated sludge throughout your system combined with root blockage. Read more about NT-MAX septic tank treatment here and take advantage of the special package offers combining powerful RootX and NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment below.
RootX Competitive Comparison Chart

 Frequently Asked Questions
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8) Does RootX harm trees and plants?
9) Can RootX be used in septic systems?
10) Will the RootX foam stop or block any flow during application?
11) How often do I need RootX treatments?
12) Should RootX be combined with NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment?
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RootX root killer is environmentally safe. RootX will not harm pipes or the environment. Keep Your Entire Septic System Root Free and in Like New Condition With Powerful RootX and NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment!
It's So Easy! Simply Mix and Flush the Contents of One Convenient Jar Down Your Toilet! Select Your Product  Based on the Severity of Your Clogged Septic or Drainfield
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RootX 2 pound blue lid root killer


2 LBS RootX Foaming Root Killer - Fresh From the Factory - Original Formula Kills Roots Fast! . Covers 50 Ft. #602
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RootX 4 pound green lid root killer
4 LBS RootX Foaming Root Killer - Fresh From the Factory - Original Formula Kills Roots Fast! . Covers 100Ft. #603
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Rootx Root Killer 6 pound shipment 6, 8 & 10 Pound RootX and More! Click for all combinations!
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  RootX case pricing. 12 2lb pound jars Root-X wholesaleSuper Saver 12 Pack Case of Root-X 2LB Jars. Same Day Shipping - Fresh From the Factory - Original Formula Kills Roots! #614
  Super Saver 12 Pack Case of Root-X 4LB Jars. Same Day Shipping - Fresh From the Factory - Original Formula Kills Roots! #615
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