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NT-MAX clogged septic and drainfield cleaner is 100% Natural and environmentally safe. Most septic treatments are harmful to the environment and your family. NT-MAX septic treatment will not harm people, pets, pipes or the environment.

NT-MAX is our Strongest Commercial Grade Clogged Septic and Clogged Drain field Product Available on the Market Today!

 We Conclude That - No other Product Comes Close to the Power of NT-MAX Septic Treatment.
With over 600
Trillion Bacteria Per Treatment,  NT-MAX has the Power and Strength to Completely Restore Your Clogged Septic and Drain field System to Like New Condition.

NT-MAX is a powerful commercial grade product developed to aggressively digest sludge, fats, grease, oils and all organic matter as rapidly as possible to potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. While other products may be "stopped in their tracks" by common household cleaners, NT-MAX neutralizes soaps and detergents to continue degrading waste faster!

Industrial Strength Septic Treatment.  Restores Clogged Residential Septic and Drain field Systems and Eliminate Frequent Pump-Outs.

Order NT-MAX to repair clogged septic systems, cesspool, lateral lines, drainfield, grease traps, outhouses, holding tanks, drains, RV's, lagoons, aerobic/mound, lift station and all other system types.*NT-MAX septic tank maintenance comes in convenient powdered and liquid form.

NT-MAX vs. the Competition
Years of
600 Trillion
per Liquid
30 Trillion
per Dry
Safe for the
Won't Harm
in Writing
Performance and Conclusion
NT-MAX 70 Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark The Pioneer of drain field, cesspit and sand mound restoration and rejuvenation. Strongest NT-MAX bacteria and enzyme product in our arsenal. Unlimited technical support. 100% guaranteed to restore and unclog all failed septic systems.
Terra lift 33 NO NO Checkmark ? Comparative Costly treatment may yield minimal or temporary results. Illegal in many areas. May include Limited or no guarantee.
? NO NO ? ? Some offer simple air pumps with extremely inflated pricing with high initial and long term costs include purchase price, installation, service, repair and electric usage. Units are ineffective at aerating deep subsurface areas and sub soils.
26 NO NO ? NO Seldom effective, often temporary results at best. Pressure treatments cannot remove subsoil sludge and bio-mat. Can destroy clay or fragile system components requiring more expensive repairs.
57 NO NO NO NO Kills all beneficial bacteria and is illegal in many areas. Will burn skin off in seconds. Short term risky results. Soil damage can ruin drainage efficacy.
N/A NO NO ? NO Replacement costs can run 5,000 to 50,000+ dollars or more. If leach area sub soils are not fully removed, most replacement systems fail again within 5 to 9 years.
48 NO NO NO NO Severely corrosive. Can cause structural damage to tank, lines, walls and leach or drainage areas. Generally yields temporary or no benefit.
to remove salt
hardpan/soil in clay areas
30+ NO NO NO NO Overpriced. Most are merely Lime Sulfur (known as Calcium Polysulfide which is also used as a fungicide). May offer some help in hardpan clay zones in certain states.

Be sure to request ingredients, return policy before purchasing. Can be found here at extreme discount price  @ $29.99 for 2.5 Gallons: Calcium Polysulfide

WARNING: Release of product to the environment may cause reaction of HIGHLY TOXIC hydrogen sulfide vapors. Can cause SEVERE CORNEAL INJURY, corrosion of skin and unconsciousness.
N/A NO NO Checkmark ? Granular septic treatments are merely ground up bran coated with bacteria. These powders actually 'become' liquid instantly upon entering your commode as the bacteria is released in liquid.

While NT-MAX granular is included with all liquid shipments and is of the strongest potency money can buy, NT-MAX liquid is far more concentrated. For serious septic issues, always utilize a potent liquid treatment.

Some “Best Septic Treatment” or “Septic Additive Reviews” type websites are, unfortunately scams. Some of these websites mislead unsuspecting consumers 'like you' into purchasing weaker or worthless granular based products by discrediting all competing products while glorifying their own products.

These websites purport to be unbiased, third party ‘review’ sites however, the reviews are fake. They are written by the website owner who is selling their own product as the "#1" ranked product or "Best Septic Treatment" product.

Newtechbio and other reputable septic companies never attempt to "con" consumers by creating fictitious review sites. Before purchasing a septic product online, be sure to visit each websites “Contact us”, “About us” and any “Disclaimer” pages. Websites like can help you quickly research any company, company address and company owner to help weed out fraudulent marketing groups.

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©Copyright 2007 NewTechBio NT-MAX Septic Tank Treatment USA All Rights Reserved Comparison chart updated 2007. NewTechBio USA provides one of the most powerful clogged septic cleaning enzyme and bacterial septic treatments on the market in a powder or liquid form. Clogged septic systems and clogged drainfields can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. NT-MAX septic treatment contains 600 Trillion bacteria per treatment and can completely restore your clogged septic and clogged drainfield to full functionality. *Free shipping on item #680 and #708 only excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and International orders. Other septic treatments may exclude shipping.