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More than likely you have heard of the insects comically referred to as bed bugs. They truly are not that funny if you become fully aware of just how disgusting they are and how they can be a very real problem. These are not cute imaginary bugs but insects that sink in and drink your blood. Beds and carpeting are ideal breeding grounds for theses vile creatures.

Don’t think that a bed bug problem could not possibly happen to you. Learning more about this particular insect will aid you in spotting them and arm you with the most powerful weapon there is, knowledge. Don’t let your home, your little island of tranquility, become overrun with bed bugs.

Bed bugs get their nourishment from the blood of human beings and even family pets. Cats and dogs are the most popular targets, but your parakeet, hamster, or bunny may wind up as a victim. The more people in one locality, the likelihood becomes greater that there will bed bugs. Areas of concern are hotels, motels, homeless shelters, boarding houses, jails, and college dormitories. Home owners or renters that reside in row houses or apartment buildings are more susceptible to getting bed bugs.

If you are a conscientious home owner, you are probably curious about how bed bugs gained entry into your place of residence. These bugs can infiltrate your home if you take a bus or use the subway to get to and from work. Traveling on planes and taking a vacation on a cruise ship are other ways bed bugs can gain access into your home. Why? The more people in one space at the same time the more chance that there will be bed bugs.

Bed bugs jump aboard the clothes you are wearing to arrive at their desired point of destination, your home. They can also enter your home by way of your luggage. If you are staying at a beach condo for a week’s vacation in the summer you would more than likely have no idea or give it a moments thought that there could be bed bugs in your vacation condo. When your trip is over, and if there were any bed bugs, and you pack to go home, you also pack with you some bed bugs. Before you know it, bed bugs have invaded your home.

Bed bugs are adaptable and can conceal themselves quite well. You can pride yourself in having a tidy well kept home, but this doesn’t mean you won’t ever have to worry about bed bugs. Also, you don’t have to be a dirty person to have bed bug bites. Bed bugs favor sanitary conditions to reside in.

The most important thing for you to do is recognize the sign of the presence of bed begs. This will enable you to take necessary and immediate action to eliminate bed bugs in your home. Getting rid of bed bugs should be your main priority. Educating yourself on bed bug infestation is your best defense. Contact a company with a proven all natural line of bed bug control products is a great place to start.

By: Bradley Skierkowski