Bed Bug Rash

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How would you know if you were bitten by bed bugs on the return of your vacation? Dingy motels are not the only places bed bugs take up residence. There happens to be a very high percent chance that even some of the nation’s popular four and five star resorts are sheltering bed bugs. Do you know what signs and symptoms to look for if you think you may have fallen victim to these blood thirsty insects? If you discover that your hotel has a bed bug infestation, what needs to be done so these horrible creatures don’t come into your home? This article is going to point out a few things that you should look for to ensure that a bed bug infestation does not happen in your home.

What you will notice initially is the urge to itch. If you are about to break out with a bed bug rash, it will begin with an itch. The rash will not come out initially. A bite from a bed bug itches more than a bite from a mosquito. When a mosquito bites me, I immediately go to swat at it because I feel it biting me. Bed bugs contain anesthetics in their saliva which gives them the ability to bite you and leave unnoticed. Their saliva also contains an anticoagulant so your flesh does not clot; giving bed bugs more time to drink your blood.

Your bed bug bites will usually go undetected for about one hour; this is when you will see a rash starting to develop. For others, a rash can take longer to develop, even as long as seven days. The time it takes for a rash to develop will depend upon the individual and their response to a bed bug’s saliva.

Would you be able to identify a bed bug rash? The rash first appears as a lone, very little, red, circular lump which appear more puffed out than a mosquito rash. After a few days have passes, the rash will have increased. If you tend to move around a great deal in your sleep, the frequent stirring will cause bed bugs to retreat and take cover. The rash that appears on these individuals will resemble in-line bite impressions.

The only way to be certain that the rash you have is from bed bugs is to watch it over the course of a week or so. Bed bug bites can remain swollen, itchy, and inflamed for weeks; whereas mosquito bites decrease in itchiness and fade away at a faster rate.

By: Bradley Skierkowski