Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs and more Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs and more Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are on the rise throughout the entire globe and are increasingly becoming an epidemic. Eliminating bed bugs from your home could be very discouraging. Bed bugs are extremely resilient and some have mutated over the years and are immune to certain chemical insecticides. This article is going to assist you with your bed bug problem and soon enough you will be back to normal day living.

One discouraging piece of information is that it will take longer than one day to eliminate bed bugs from your home. You need to be diligent in your efforts to eliminate them from your home. You can’t just go around your home and spray various chemical insecticides in the areas you have seen bed bugs, it just doesn’t happen this way. Researching bed bugs is vital for eradicating these little vampires for good.

If you discovered bed bugs all over and inside the seams of your mattress and box spring, you could keep it and encase them with protective plastic barriers, or you could purchase a new mattress set, which if you could financially manage to do so, I would. If you want to destroy bed bugs in your home and you discovered them in your mattress, you have to take care of your mattress.

Whatever room was infested or items like clothes, draperies, and other furniture, need to be thoroughly cleaned. Bed bugs can even conceal themselves in stereos, clock radios, TVs, and computers. They prefer wooden furniture over anything metal, so check your headboards if they are made out of wood.

After you’ve sanitized everything that the bed bugs have infected, it is now time to kill the blood sucking demons. You could call an exterminator, but some won’t even consider taking on a bed bug infestation, and if they do they will most likely have to come back for repeat visits. This can be quite costly. Bed bugs reproduce at an astounding rate and can very easily take over your entire home.

So, what can you do to kill these vile insects if you don’t want to hire an exterminator? All you need to do is purchase a product or a kit of products containing diatomaceous earth. This powerful bed bug fighting substance is in the form of a powder and can slaughter bed bugs as they travel through it. Is this substance safe to use? Diatomaceous earth in food grade form will not hurt your or any member of your family, but for bed bugs and other bothersome bugs it is deadly. The fine powder is an abrasive and cuts through a bed bug’s exoskeleton, leaving them to dehydrate and die.

By: Bradley Skierkowski