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Bed bugs, tiny blood hungry vultures, can create quite a problem. Not too long ago, we all let out a big sigh of relief because we thought bed bugs were now a thing of the past. They could have been if the pesticide, DDT, was not found to be toxic and unsafe to use, especially in our homes. Bed bugs are infesting each of our fifty states and are all over the world. Traveling from country to country has also made the spread of bed bugs more rampant. Rising bed bug infestations in each of our fifty states convinced the EPA to officially confirm that bed bugs are indeed an epidemic.

Bed bug infestation can also be identified be a slight sweet odor emitting from the affected area. Large cities like New York City have employed the help of bed bug sniffing dogs in order to help identify and control the outbreak of bed bugs in heavily populated areas.

There is a direct correlation between bed bug bites and increasing amounts of bed bugs. Each time you discover a new bump, it means that your bed bug population is on an upswing. Even though your face is exposed while you sleep, bed bug bites on your face are rare. These creepy insects prefer to suck the blood out of your arms, ankles, and legs. Our blood gives them nourishment and supplies them with the tools they need to reproduce at a fast rate. It only takes ten days for a bed bug to hatch and when they are only twenty-one days old they can produce their own eggs. Female bed bugs can generate over five hundred eggs over the course of their life.

It is crucial that you take appropriate measures to get rid of bed bugs as soon as you are aware of their existence in your home. Bed bugs can quickly spread to every area of your home. They may have originated on your sofa bed but they will quickly and easily move to your bedroom and other rooms. A lot of people have pet beds for their dog or cat; bed bugs can be found in these comfy sleeping areas as well. They don’t just feed off of our blood but the blood of our pets. You can see how bed bugs can become a major pain, especially if you don’t discover the infestation at an early stage.

You can call an exterminator, but they will cost you a bundle and repeat visits are a possibility. A great alternative is to use a product containing diatomaceous earth, or DE, to safely eradicate your bed bug problem. All you are required to do is shake the powder in the areas of your home that are infested with bed bugs. As they take their moonlight walks to their feeding areas, which by the way is you, they will travel through the diatomaceous earth. DE isn’t harmful to you or your pets but is deadly for bed bugs and other insects. It slashes through their exoskeleton leaving them to dehydrate and eventually die. After one use you will see a remarkable decrease in bed bugs.

It is very important to identify bed bug infestation as soon as possible. Early detection will determine the severity of your bed bug outbreak and enable you to confront the bed bug infestation with the best course of action.

By: Bradley Skierkowski