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Bed bugs are in all of our major cities, infesting single homes, apartments, college dormitories, hospitals, and hotels. New York City has some of the most resilient bed bugs in the world. In fact, they are over 260 times more immune to deltamethrin, a pyrethroid toxin, than bed bugs which are relatively easy to destroy in places like Florida.

Infestations are on the rise and scientists believe it is due to bed bugs developing immunities to various insecticides including pyrethroid toxins. These toxins which specifically target the nervous system typically would immobilize and bring these blood sucking vampires to their death. Some researchers believe bed bugs have the capacity to dissolve the toxins in their bodies. Other hard to eradicate insects are developing the same kind of immunities as bed bugs. This is contributing to a bed bug epidemic across the United States.

The city of Chicago admits that they have a bed bug problem and that infestations are increasing. In 2008, Chicago implemented the same policies as New York vs. Bed Bugs, a bed bug organization which supports the cause of educating the public on bed bugs and giving them advice on how to get rid of them. Other prominent cities like Boston and Cincinnati have bed bug advocacy groups which share valuable information with their citizens on how they can defend themselves against bed bugs and how to destroy them.

The city of Chicago believes that Bed bug infestations are similar to viruses, which spread easily from one person to another. Blame for the spread of these blood thirsty insects can’t be placed on any one class of people. Chicago is concerned for it’s citizens and their local economy. Chicago also believes it is crucial for certain individuals in the city to be trained and armed with bed bug control techniques. Some of these individuals would include landlords, school officials, hotel managers, health care professionals, and those who head public housing.

As stated earlier, one goal of Chicago vs. Bed Bugs is to give people information and guidance on how to eliminate bed bugs from their homes. One way is to use products containing diatomaceous earth, referred to as DE. It is an all natural substance that should be sprinkled along the traffic patterns of bed bugs in your home. It will essentially cut them up so badly that they will dehydrate and die. A great thing about this substance is how safe it is to use in your home, even among small children and animals.

Bed bugs are everywhere, but it is good to know that there are groups out there committed to educating the public on how to rid their homes or businesses of bed bugs.

By: Bradley Skierkowski