Bed Bugs and Diatomaceous

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If you’ve heard that bed bugs are becoming an epidemic, you’ve heard right. Bed bugs are on the rise and have been discovered in countless places including our homes, daycares, nursing homes, college dormitories, and even in fancy hotels and resorts. They get their nourishment from blood, so you would be correct in assuming that they get their blood from you and your pets. These blood thirsty creatures do most of their feasting at night and gorge on your blood as you sleep in what you would assume to be the comfort of your own bed. No one should have to go to bed at night with nightmares consisting of being bitten by blood loving insects.

Bed bugs are great at playing games like hide and seek. They take cover in your mattresses and box springs, sofas, chairs, and various other pieces of furniture. They conceal themselves in other areas like television stands, stereos, bookshelves, cupboards, and outlet covers. How alarmed and disgusted would you be if you pulled out a drawer in your dresser and saw bed bugs swarming on your clothes?

Bed bugs do not carry disease but their bites can become infected by excessive scratching, which can lead to scarring. In rare instances, allergic reactions can occur, even asthmatic symptoms. The bites resemble those from a mosquito and are just as annoying because you feel compelled to scratch them.

While you can spend hundreds and even thousands on bed bug exterminators and high priced steamers, you can and should take a more effective route by choosing to treat your bed bug problem with a safe, organic alternative. What is this all natural solution for getting rid of bed bug? It’s called diatomaceous earth or sometimes referred to as DE.

Diatomaceous earth has a talcum powder like consistency and can be sprinkled in areas that you have seen bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth contains the fossilized remnants of diatoms, a unicellular form of algae in which the walls consist of silica. Diatomaceous earth is typically composed of 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium, and 2% iron. When utilized as an insecticide, the fine-grained powder functions like extremely small razor blades due to its abrasive quality and cuts the exoskeleton of the insect. Diatomaceous earth soaks up lipids from the smooth exoskeleton of the insect causing the insect, bed bugs, to dehydrate.

So, essentially, diatomaceous earth will annihilate bed bugs on their journey to their food of choice, your blood. As they pass through the diatomaceous earth they will die off within hours due to dehydration and physical lacerations.

Be sure the product you buy uses food-grade diatomaceous earth. This is safe to apply throughout your home and will not harm you, your children, or pets. The label of your product should read GRAS or Generally Regarded As Safe. Using products with diatomaceous earth to get rid of bed bugs will save you time and money, as well as eliminate bed bugs without the use of dangerous chemicals.

By: Bradley Skierkowski