Bed Bugs and Hotels

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The last thing hotel management wants to hear is that one of their guests’ rooms is overrun with bedbugs. There are sites online specifically devoted to informing the public that a certain hotel has bed bugs. So, if word gets around, the reputation of a particular hotel can be ruined. People will immediately cancel their reservation and book their stay with a bed bug free hotel. Bed bugs are the cause of mental and physical distress. They are very stubborn and resilient and getting rid of them can be a tedious task. Hotel management feels that they are being unjustly ambushed; the guests are bringing bed bugs in their hotels.

How could bed bugs possibly be in a five star hotel? You may think that bed bugs only frequent dingy roadside motels, but the truth of the matter is that they can and have been discovered in the finest of hotels. People bring bed bugs with them into a hotel by way of their luggage, coats, briefcases, and even newspapers. Once they take residence in one room it is very easy for them to spread to other adjacent rooms.

Why are bed bugs so bad if they do not pass along any diseases? Do you know what bed bugs rely upon as their main food source? The answer may make you nauseous; blood, your blood, your children’s blood, and even the blood from our four legged friends. When someone asks what bed bugs look like, they will often be compared to apple seeds. They are brown in color but after feasting on your blood they appear to be red. They don’t have wings and scurry off like ants when they sense movement. They will take cover in furniture, throw rugs and blankets, mattresses, and even your child’s favorite stuffed animals.

Bed bugs are late night eaters, waiting until you fall into a deep asleep to suck your blood. You typically will not see bed bug bites on your face or your body’s core. The bites will most likely be on your arms and legs. Bite marks are itchy, raised, and red. Constant itching can cause the area to become infected.

Bed bugs are a big problem in every state. Popular cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, and Phoenix all have had hotels with bed bug infestations. The list is endless. People, claiming to be bed bug victims are suing hotels and juries are awarding these victims large cash settlements. The EPA is strongly urging hotels to do routine bed bug inspections so that if bed bugs are discovered they can be eradicated immediately.

Hotels, apartment complexes, and single family homes are finding that by using products containing diatomaceous earth, they can safely and quickly destroy bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth is an almost white powdery substance created from the dried up shells of diatoms. Sodium Lauryl sulfate is also effective product that works as a contact bed bug killer.

By: Bradley Skierkowski