Bed Bugs and How to Kill Them

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Bed Bugs and How to Kill Them

It is believed that bed bugs were originally brought over into the United Stated by early settlers moving to America for a better life. There was a time not that long ago when we felt that bed bugs were practically gone from our country. DDT, a powerful insecticide, wiped out bed bugs but it was banned in the early 1970s and since then bed bugs have been steadily coming back growing stronger by the minute. One reason for there return may be due to international travel, migration to the U.S. and certain bed bugs developing immunities to some harsh chemical insecticides.

Bed bugs are hard to see because they conceal themselves well in cracks and various little holes in your home. They take cover in your mattress, under your mattress, in your box springs, and bedding. Bed bugs will also cozy up in your pillows, sleeping bags, clothes, stuffed animals, and stored bed linens and towels. Bed bugs prefer wooden furniture and anything made out of cloth.

It is very important that before you sign a lease to rent an apartment you look it over for bed bugs. You can also go online to sites like and see if there were any reports of bed bugs in the area you are planning to rent. Bed bugs can live without your blood for many months and can be present in an empty apartment for up to 12 months plus. Sites like this one are good to check if you are going on a vacation and planning on staying in a hotel. Bed bugs can come back with you from your trip if you were unlucky enough to book your stay with an infested hotel.

Large cities across the country are organizing advisory boards geared toward educating the public on bed bugs. Hotel managers, landlords, and individuals in charge of public housing need to be aware of the danger of bed bugs infestation and mandatory inspections needed to be a requirement.

Bed bugs bite your arms and legs, typically areas of your body that are uncovered. The bites are raised and inflamed and resemble a mosquito bite. The urge to itch is sometimes uncontrollable, especially among young children. If the bites are scratched too much an infection can occur; at times requiring antibiotic and steroid treatment to eliminate the infection. Bed bug bites may not appear immediately or right away after you have been bitten. They can emerge even after a week has gone by.

If you have bed bugs you need to take immediate action to eliminate them from your place of residence. “Green” products are now available in stores and on the internet that safely and effectively destroy bed bugs. Products with diatomaceous earth are a wise choice. Food grade DE is not harmful and will keep your home bed bug free.

By: Bradley Skierkowski