Bed Bugs and Toxic Bed Bug Sprays

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Have you begun recognizing tiny bite marks on your calves, backside, and forearms over the course of a week or so? Maybe you are even beginning to spot tiny brown to reddish specks on your linens that appear to be blood. Upon further examination you witness tiny blackish brown specks moving all over your bed linens. You are witnessing bed bugs invading your bed and potentially your entire home.

Bed bugs are showing their blood smeared faces throughout the entire United States, again. Scientists hypothesize the dramatic rise of bed bugs is driven by so many of us traveling back and forth between so many countries. We are bringing bed bugs back with us to the United States from other countries, tourist from other countries are bringing bed bugs with them to our country, and others contaminate our own hotels throughout the whole United States with bed bugs from their homes. As you unpack your belongings from your suitcases, you may be transferring bed bugs into your home. Besides being in your suitcase, they can be in your clothing, and souvenirs. Bed bugs can also spread from suitcase to suitcase while riding with other travel bags in flight to and from your vacation destination.

What can you do if you bring these undesirable pests with you into your home? You need to immediately strip down your bed and wash all bedding in very hot water, and then dry them on the hottest setting. Extreme heat kills bed bugs. Use sweeper attachments to vacuum up any bed bug, dead or alive on your mattress. Take the vacuum bag and burn it or place it in a plastic bag and properly dispose of it. Clean everything in your bedroom, paying special attention to your bed frame, nightstands, and dressers. Next, enclose your mattress in a cover specifically made to impede bed bugs. Mattress covers manufactured with urethane membranes work best.

Finally, use natural bed bug sprays and powders to treat the infested room or rooms. Powders like diatomaceous earth with effectively kill bed bugs and provide your home with a protective barrier to prevent future invasions. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment or townhouse. Bed bugs can travel from one apartment to the next quite easily.

It is important to identify bed bugs as soon as possible. The sooner you are aware of the problem the sooner you can get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs.

By: Bradley Skierkowski