Bed Bugs are back

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At one time thought to be expunged from the United States, the well-known pest referred to as a bed bug of for all the professor types “Cimex Lectularius” is making a big comeback and making its self comfortable in our homes and hotels. Bed bugs or Cimex Lectularius are not just encountered in dirty dingy motels, but in exclusive top of the line hotels, in popular cities like New York City, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco.

Again, bed bugs are referred to by some as Cimex Lectularius or as chinch. They are flat, egg-shaped, and brown to red in color. They don’t have any wings and get to you by crawling on you while you sleep. They don’t bite you, but stick in your flesh with two hollow tubes and draw up your blood. One tube does the sucking while the other pushes in its saliva containing an anesthetic and an anticoagulant in order to numb the area and make the blood flow freely.

How did they get labeled with the title of bed bugs? The number one area where bed bugs conceal themselves is in mattresses. You become a meal for them while you lay in slumber. Favorite feeding times are between three and four in the morning. Other areas you will typically encounter bed bugs are in furniture, in and under carpeting, and around your bed’s frame. They prefer wooden as opposed to metal.

Why is their a bed bug revival? DDT and other expansive scale pesticides were banned in the early 1970s due to potential harm to us and the environment. Nowadays, pesticides on the market are geared toward one specific insect, like termites. Most exterminators are not experienced in bed bug elimination and will not even do bed bug infestations.

Those who travel frequently run a high risk of bringing bed bugs home with them. Hotels in popular vacation cities are also high on the bed bug radar scale. You have people from various parts of the world coming and going constantly. These tourists can be bringing bed bugs with them to the hotel they are staying at or they can take bed bugs home with them if guests infected the room before they arrived at the hotel. Once established in one hotel room, bed bugs can take over the entire hotel infesting every nook and cranny of the building.

There are various ways to get rid of bed bugs. You can hire an exterminator, if they even deal with bed bugs and if you have the money to spend, or you can use natural products specializing in bed bug elimination. Search for products that contain diatomaceous earth and sodium lauryl sulfate on the label just to name a few. These products are considered to be very effective against bed bugs and their infestation.

Be sure to check back from time to time for updated news and articles on bed bugs or Cimex Lectularius. Remember, the faster bed bugs are identified and treated the higher the chances are for a successful eradication.

By: Bradley Skierkowski