Bed Bugs are everywhere

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Did you ever think you would even hear about bed bugs let alone check your own home to be sure you don’t have any of the little pests? Beware if you go to a hotel or resort and they have bed bugs, it is almost a given that they may tag along on your clothing, suitcases, or anywhere they can catch a ride. This is one way bed bugs go from state to state or country to country. There was a time when most countries were free of bed bugs because of a very powerful pesticide, DDT. Unfortunately, DDT has since been taken off the market and these parasites are showing up more and more. The danger is that they cause infestations which are extremely hard to get rid of. Once they set up shop in one room they make their way to others, especially in places like hotels and apartments. Blood is what these little pests are after because that is what they exist on. They are able to find their victim from the carbon dioxide we give off when we are asleep.

If you think you can travel and evade them by staying at a five star hotel or resort, think again. These little bugs can be found in beautiful, clean-looking rooms or in a filthy apartment. Besides that they are so small they are hard to detect.

If you see a very small spot that looks like sesame seed and is red-brown in color and very flat, you probably have spotted a bed bug. Bed bugs will eat about every five to ten days if they have found a food supply. If they don’t, they can go about eighteen months before they eat again. It’s quite amazing.

Bed bugs can be treated and controlled by using natural pesticides. Diatomaceous earth and sodium lauryl sulfate are two substances that work great in the fight against bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth is great in that it can be sprinkled anywhere you have seen bed bugs. You can sprinkle in right on your mattress and not worry about it harming you. In food grade form, DE is perfectly safe for us and our pets.

By: Bradley Skierkowski