Bed Bugs in hotels?

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Are hotels protected from the perils of bed bugs? The last thing you want to worry about while on your next vacation are bed bugs. Can you imagine the horror one experiences when they wake up in the morning to see welts forming on their arms and legs? How disgusting would it be for you to turn over your mattress and see dozens of bed bugs burrowed in the seams of your hotel mattress? You had no clue that you shared your bed with these vile insects. While you slept in what you thought was peaceful slumber, these hideous bugs were sucking your blood like little vampires. How can you be certain your hotel is free of bed bugs?

More and more hotels are becoming infested with bed bugs and various other creepy insects. Hotels are ideal habitats for bed bugs. Our country offers some of the cleanest hotels in the world. International tourists come into our country and stay at our hotels and their native country may not have the same high standards as we do. Also, American citizens fly overseas and stay in hotels. When we come home we may bring bed bugs back with us as a souvenir.

Bed bugs don’t care if the room they are breeding in is from a one or five star hotel. Sure, being clean can help, but it does not take you off the bed bug target list. Top rate hotels committed to customer satisfaction will thoroughly clean a room once hotel guests have left. If bed bugs were to be discovered, immediate action would be taken to eliminate the problem, like using an all natural product containing diatomaceous earth. Hotel management realizes that if word gets around that their hotel has bed bugs, the news could destroy their hotel’s reputation.

This doesn’t mean that if you stay in a five star resort there is no chance that your room will have bed bugs, but the likelihood will not be as high as if you were to spend the night in a one star dive that doesn’t practice proper sanitary precautions. Your best defense is to look over your hotel room as soon as you check in, paying particular attention to the mattress you are about to sleep on.

By: Bradley Skierkowski