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News reports and local television have been reporting how the federal government is conducting research into the wide spread of bed bugs and the increase of bed bug complaints in large metropolitan cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Dallas. The problem is clearly complex. According to the CDC bed bugs are not currently known to be able to spread any type of dangerous diseases. The EPA is taking a harder look at the issues surrounding the resurgence of bed bugs across the country. The EPA recently held a Bed Bug Summit regarding the growing problem.

The spread of bed bugs has increased at an alarming rate. Pest Control Companies in 2005 reported that on an average week they would receive around 4 bed bug call. That number has increased to 500 plus a week in some areas. It is almost impossible to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Pest Control Companies charge from $400.00 per room to$8,000.00 per house with no guarantee of success. Bed bugs are harder to control in an apartment building or condo unit because of the close proximity of the units. Bed bugs will move from unit to unit.

Bugs feed on warm blooded mammals like people and our pets. Bed Bugs can since the bodies CO2 and pheromones produced by the human body creating a train straight to the feeding grounds. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to be bitten 500 times in a single night. Bed bugs are nocturnal meaning that they sleep during the day and pray on us at night feeding on our flesh and blood. They typically reside in our mattress, box springs, sofa and couches. At night they sneak under the covers and by using their proboscis or mouth tubes they pierce our flesh injecting an anesthetic and anticoagulant so the blood will flow freely. Proteins in our body react with the bed bug saliva causing bumps and irritating itchy rash. Everyone skin type is different so depending on a person’s chemical makeup, the reaction if any will be different with each of us.

The key to bed bug control and eradication is education. The first step is to identify that you in fact do have bed bugs. The second step is to find a treatment that is going to be effective bed bug spray that is going to be effective. Research has determined that a bed bug spray containing sodium lauryl sulfate will be effective as a contact killer. Diatomaceous earth will also work as a bed bug barrier keeping bed bugs at bay. Remember that the key is early detection.

Source: Bradley Skierkowski