Diatomaceous Earth and Fleas

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Several years ago my two cats were infested with fleas. If that wasn’t bad enough, my home got infested as well. Fleas were everywhere – in the carpet, on the furniture, and even in the bedding. I tried everything on the market at the time to rid my home of these pests but nothing seemed to work. Besides that, every product which claimed success cost quite a lot but when the product didn’t work you had to look for something else and shell out more money.

While looking for an answer to my flea problem on the internet I came across diatomaceous earth. It was fascinating and claimed to be an organic way to control fleas as well as other insects. I was skeptical until I found out more about how diatomaceous actually works. If you are thinking about using diatomaceous earth in your home or on your cats, before going any further, I should add that there are two different types of diatomaceous earth. There is food grade diatomaceous earth and diatomaceous earth used for pools. Pool grade diatomaceous earth will harm you and your pets. When looking to buy diatomaceous earth it is imperative that you get food grade form.

The way diatomaceous earth works is by using dehydration on the fleas. There is no poison in it and it is not dangerous for you or your pets. That is unless your pet is a flea or an insect with an exoskeleton. The product actually slashes through the body or exoskeleton of the flea, soaking up all fluids that are released while the flea is still active. The end result is death to the flea or the insect.

You must use caution when putting DE on your pet. Number one is making sure your pet’s bedding is dry. If your pet’s bedding is damp, it will go against the process of getting rid of the fleas. If you are using diatomaceous earth in a very large space, safety glasses and dust masks are needed. When applying DE on your pet take special care to stay away from mucus membrane because these areas are sensitive and may become inflamed and irritated.

The most important advice is to keep a neat and clean house. That means to sanitize every nook and cranny, including your pet’s bed and areas of play. Diatomaceous earth will effectively eliminate fleas as well as other insects that can invade your home, even the horrendous bed bug. Diatomaceous earth will help make you and your pet a lot happier getting rid of his or her fleas.

By: Bradley Skierkowski