Facts on How to Kill Bed Bugs

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All over the world, people are experiencing an increase in bed bug infestations and in certain areas, they are harder to destroy. Is there a way to annihilate these awful creatures as it was once believed they were back when DDT was still in use? Bed bugs have developed immunities to some of the toxic substances used in many chemical treatment products. Among them being, deltametherin, a pyrethroid toxin, which attacks the nervous system of bed bugs and other hardy insects. What would at one time totally wipe out a bed bug infestation is now virtually ineffective. New York City’s bed bugs are so resilient and powerful; they are over 260 times more immune to the paralyzing aftermath of pyretheroid chemicals.

Bed bugs discovered in other parts of the country like those in Florida, are not as tough as New York City bed bugs. These little blood suckers did not mutate and develop immunities like their relatives in New York City. Toxicologists with the use of molecular science have discovered sequential genes which are consecutively linked to sodium ion channels in the bed bugs that have immunities to certain chemicals. These ion channels are not present in bed bugs of the same genetic composition as those in Florida.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment and you have the misfortune of having bed bugs infest your home, there are now natural treatments available to treat bed bugs. These natural products can safely kill bed bugs like those in New York City. Look for products containing diatomaceous earth, this white dust powder is made from ground up fossils of various marine and fresh water organisms. Other products containing enzymes are also becoming more popular as a means of treating bed bugs.

So, instead of choosing a toxic product containing chemicals certain bed bugs may be immune to, go with an all natural product like diatomaceous earth or sodium lauryl sulfate. One that is safe to use around friends and family as well as being effective at killing bed bugs.

By: Bradley Skierkowski