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If you have ever had a pet infested with fleas and ticks than you know what a job it is to get them under control. My family and I went on a vacation a few years ago and left our two dogs at a boarding place for pets. On the outside it appeared to be a very nice place and we had our two dogs stay there before but this time was all together different. After having our dogs home a few hours I noticed they were both scratching themselves. I looked down and the smaller dog, a Beagle, rolled over on her back and I was horrified. There were fleas running all over her stomach and through her fur. Immediately, I checked the other dog, a Labrador, and she was covered with fleas just as bad as the Beagle.

After that experience I decided to be proactive and so I researched ways to prevent flea infestations. Natural flea prevention is few and far between, however, there are preventative things you can do. You should provide your pet with plenty of exercise and a good diet. Fleas are parasites and look for good tasting blood. You should feed your pet good quality food in smaller portions to keep the blood from forming poisonous waste since a poor diet will attract the fleas.

Most important is to keep your pet and home as clean as possible. Vacuum your house often; at least once a week. This is important, empty the vacuum bag as soon as possible because it takes only minutes for fleas to breed in the bag. Wash your pet’s bed every week and use hot water to wash and dry it. High heat kills fleas and most other parasites of furry friends bring in from outside.

If your pet is infested with fleas use a shampoo that has a repellent in it or make your own by putting Eucalyptus or Pennyroyal into a mild bottle of shampoo. You can make your own flea powder from powdered herbs such as Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Food grade diatomaceous earth is also safe to use on your pets and will kill fleas on them as well as in your home. Grooming your pet with hot water and a flea brush will also help. Believe it or not, feeding your pet garlic in small amounts every other day will also help to repel fleas. If you can get them to eat the garlic, put the garlic in a meatball and that usually does the trick.

The biggest thing with dogs is to make sure you give them a quick inspection after a walk or a day in the park. If you go on vacation, try to leave your pet with a friend or family member less chance of them catching something and bringing it home with them. Your pet is more likely to be treated better by a family member.

By: Bradley Skierkowski