Get Rid of Mold Test Kit

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Get Rid of Mold Test Kit

Mold exposure is becoming a more and more common problem for home owners across America. Excessive mold exposure has been linked to numerous health problems ranging from simple flu like symptoms, bleeding of the lungs in children and even death is server cases.

The presence of mold in your home can send shock waves through your family. The thought of black mold and the cost of black mold remediation is staggering to any home owner. Inspecting your home from top to bottom is a good start. Musty odors are a good indication of the presents of molds and mildews.

There are several mold test kits available on the market today. It is important to purchase a test kit that is reliable, easy to use with clear instructions. You will need information on where to send the mold test kit sample for testing, ensuring that the lab is reputable and accurate in their findings. Determining the type of mold present in your home is extremely important if the proper remediation protocol is to be determined.

If you are fairly certain of the presents of mold in your home, contact a professional mold remediation company as soon as possible. Indoor mold and poor air quality can be extremely toxic and hazardous to your family and pets. It is important to contain the mold infestation as soon as possible. If mold is not contained, it can travel into the walls and ceiling contaminating floor joist and the structural integrity of the building.

In the event a homeowner decides to take on a mold remediation project, they should invest in a certified mold approved respirator and face mask, safety outer garments, rubber gloves should also be worn and exposed areas should be covered. These items should be disposed of at the end of the job.

Plastic barrier sheets should be taped to the doors and windows in the area containing the mold preventing mold spores from contaminating other rooms in the house. Containing the mold spores is important and should not be overlooked. It is recommended that inspection holes be cut out of the sheetrock as a means of inspecting the studs and wall structure. You may want to cut and remove larger sections of sheetrock to better inspect the area ensuring there is no evidence of mold.

To ensure that you get rid of the mold on the first attempt will require periodic mold testing. The test kits can be found at your local hardware store and are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Test every month or so until you are certain the threat of mold infestation no longer exist.

By: Bradley Skierkowski