Hotel Bed Bug Protection

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Dust mites are not the only insect invaders causing chaos in homes and hotels across the United States. Bed bugs are soaring to top on the list as the most feared and talked about insects hiding out in hotels, ruining vacations and causing physical and emotional scars. Popular cities like New York City have hotels that are highly infested and hotels in the United States are not the only ones affected by bed bugs. Bed bug infestations have been reported in Toronto, Canada and in Great Britain and every other city on a global scale. Hotel management is trying to keep the bed bug epidemic a secret, but reports are all over the internet and television news programs are relaying their findings to all who will listen.

People are now plugging in their hotels of choice on sites like and bed to see if any bed bugs have been reported. No one wants to wake up at a hotel and discover they’ve been the meal of choice while they’ve been sleeping. It is so easy for bed bugs to come home with you and infest your own home and the home of others you’ve been in contact with. It is such a vicious cycle. Bed bugs hide out cheesy motels as well as five star resorts. This article is going to supply you with a few travel suggestions so you don’t contaminate your home with bed bugs.

The first thing you may want to consider taking with you on a trip is a sleeping bag. You won’t have to sleep on the bed linens provided to you by the hotel and you can wash the bag in hot water when you are done using it. Besides, considering all that can be found on hotel bed spreads, who wants to sleep right on them anyway. Sleeping in a slumber sack won’t guarantee that you don’t get any bites, but chances are less.

Secondly, if you like to take your clothes out of your suitcase and place them in the dresser drawers of your hotel room, at least use clear plastic storage bags. By doing this, you will protect your clothes from being affected by bed bugs. Remember, dressers are one of the favored hiding areas for these night crawlers.

Don’t leave home without your adhesive tape. You can stick it to the inside of your suitcase and dressers, around the legs of your bed, and other areas of your bed frame. If there are any bed bugs in your hotel room, as they try to get to you to feed off your blood they will get stuck on their journey.

A fourth suggestion would be to carry along some natural bed bug spray. Natural bed bug sprays will kill bed bugs on contact as soon as they are misted. Some do the job better than others. Those with sodium lauryl sulfate have proven to be very effective. In addition to the bed bug sprays, there are natural bed bug powders. One that has proven to be very effective, especially for the long term is diatomaceous earth. This powder scratches away at the exoskeletons of the bed bugs bringing them to their untimely death.

If the line of business you are in, calls for you to travel quite often, the last suggestion may be of extreme value to you. What is it? Answer: Sprays made specifically to kill bed bugs on your suitcases. There is actually a product out there that warms your suitcase up to a high temperature, a temperature which is fatal to the bed bugs and their eggs. This may sound a little extreme, but if you travel all the time, it is worth it.

So, go ahead and plan your next vacation. Just be aware that bed bugs are a very real threat and that bed bugs can be in the fanciest of hotels. Be on guard and go to your next hotel armed and ready with a good bed bug spray in order to deal with bed bugs if you have to.

By: Bradley Skierkowski