Massacre on Bed Bugs

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If you have bed bugs, you are not alone. They are everywhere and many people are looking for natural ways to treat and control bed bugs. This article is going to take you through three very critical steps which will enable you to enjoy a bed bug free home without the use of dangerous chemicals.

The first step is to quarantine the infested room. Hopefully you only have one or two rooms that need to be treated. If bed bugs have been in your home left untreated for awhile, your entire home may be infested with these disgusting insects. Keep everything that was contaminated in the room the bed bugs were discovered in. Moving items into other areas of your home will only spread the bed bugs further. When you strip your bed, place everything in a plastic bag and wash immediately in hot water. If you think your drapes may have come into contact with bed bugs, wash them too.

The next step would be to sweep up any bed bugs using vacuum attachments to get into the hard to reach little crevices. Go through everything, mattresses, furniture, dressers, chests, don’t leave anything unturned. Pay special attention to base boards and vents; vacuum these areas as well. After vacuuming, secure the bag in a plastic bag or if possible, burn it.

The last step of this natural strategy would be treatment. Purchasing a good quality steamer and steaming your furniture and carpets is something that is highly recommended. You can also steam the same areas as you used your vacuum cleaner with. Natural sprays are ideal for taking out bed bugs as soon as you mist them. These sprays cause bed bugs to dehydrate. Some work quicker than others, although one that aren’t as quick may take out larger numbers in the long run. A combination of sprays may be what you need.

Besides natural bed bug sprays, there are natural powders on the market that effectively destroy bed bugs. They are not as quick to work as some contact sprays, but they get the job done and even prevent future infestations. One of those powders is diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle this fine powdery substance in the areas you encountered bed bugs. As the bed bugs in your home travel through DE, it will slash through the exoskeletons of the bed bugs, causing them to wither away and die. Powders work great in that they can be used by outlet covers and little holes that may be in your floors and walls.

Bed bugs are resilient and hard to eliminate, but by following these steps you can kill the bed bugs invading your home. Gain control and get your life back.

By: Bradley Skierkowski