Natural Bed Bug Extermination

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To ensure total bed bug annihilation, we have to be knowledgeable of bed bugs. Scientists in the field of entomology refer to these bugs as Cimex lectularus. What provides these little pests with nourishment? They feed off of our blood and the blood of other warm blooded animals, like our pets. Bed bugs have been compared to vampires because they are awake at night and search for victims so they can suck up their blood. If the opportunity presents itself, bed bugs will help themselves to a meal during daylight hours, however, they are most active at night. Bed bugs are truly resilient creatures. They have evolved and have been able to adapt themselves so that they can function in various countries throughout the globe with moderate temperatures.

When bed bugs are mature they have a tendency to be brownish - red as far as their coloring goes. Bed bugs are flat and oval and comparable in size to that of an apple seed. They don’t move very fast and can be spotted quite easily. Typically, a bed bug will conceal itself during the day and will wander within twenty feet of their hideout to suck up your blood while you sleep. The lifespan of a bed bug is about one year and females can produce up to five eggs per day. If you pull back your bed linens and see tiny brown or red speckles, this is likely waste and blood left behind by bed bugs.

Researchers now believe that bed bugs have the capacity to pass along as many as twenty eight human diseases, although they have not proven this ability to be true. They carry no known diseases.

How do you get rid of bed bugs, safely? You don’t have to and shouldn’t use toxic chemicals to try and kill the bed bug population in your home. It is a common belief that bed bugs are developing immunities to some of the chemicals used to destroy them. Being “green” is trendy these days; why not apply the green philosophy toward the elimination of bed bugs. An all natural substance called diatomaceous earth will effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home. Many of our country’s well known and widely used hotels are using diatomaceous earth to treat bed bugs and to prevent them from spreading to other rooms if one of the rooms does become infested. It is a white powder that is deadly to bed bugs. It cuts through their exoskeleton leaving them to wither away and die. No more bed bugs. With product lines containing DE and other natural ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, bed bugs will once again be a thing of the past.

By: Bradley Skierkowski