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One would venture to say that the majority of Americans, and for that matter, many people around the world, saw the report on television about bed bugs found in hotel beds. These hotels were very respectable chains and on the surface looked clean and well kept. That is until it was discovered that a woman in New York State woke one morning with huge red bits all over her body. They were very painful and she immediately contacted the front desk of the hotel to inquire about her condition. After a doctor was called and the woman was put on medication for an allergic reaction to the bites, the staff began to search the room. The bed was stripped and in the cracks and crevices of the mattress, almost unable to be seen by the human eye, were tiny bugs scurrying all around. Everyone was horrified. Upon checking other rooms the same bedbugs were found to be infesting the entire hotel. The next thing was to figure out how to get rid of them, hopefully without having to destroy the mattresses and replacing the existing furniture and carpets.

After hearing all about the many hotels, colleges, and resorts reporting massive bedbug infestation, the search was now on for something to kill the bugs. Something that was safe for the mattresses and furnishings alike. Some hotels and college dormitories could lose hundreds of mattresses, couches and carpets which would be an economic hardship to the facilities not to mention the task of replacing them all.

There is a new greener alternative products on the market people have been taking about. There are all natural formula that are considered to be safe around pets and family. The name of this product is BedBugMace. The product is an all natural formula that provides a protective barrier that is impenetrable to bed bugs. It is supposed to work really well and be very effective alternative to harsh poisonous and toxic chemicals.

It is really remarkable when you figure the product does this without using poisonous toxins or chemicals. The product is also effective and safe to be used in the garden keeping bugs off vegetables, plants, fruit trees and flowers. BedBugMace will not stain or discolor household furnishings so it is safe to use on clothes, beds, and carpets. You can even put this product in your laundry for extra protection. This product just seems to do about everything where bedbugs are concerned.

This new product is already changing business around the world for the better. Making hotel and motel owners sleep better not to mention their guest. Bed Bugs are vicious blood sucking nightmare for all parties concerned. Attacking bed bugs at the first opportunity is a crucial step in controlling them. The first step in treating bed bugs is to identify the bug and the source if possible. The next step is to effectively treat the infestation with a product or products that have a proven track record. Controlling a bedbug outbreak from the on sought is an essential part of the eradication process.