New York City Bed Bugs

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New York City has always been a top popular vacation spot for many people. There are so many things to do and see. You can stay at a luxurious hotel right in the heart of New York City and be only a few steps away from a Broadway show and tons of great shops.
Bed bug bite on a girls face

Humans aren’t the only species that enjoy New York City; bed bugs are taking over the city in droves. They have been reported in the most prominent hotels and have been discovered in some very exclusive apartment complexes. Bed bugs have also been reported in John Jay College (September of 2009) and whole buildings have had to be shut down. Bed bug infestations are occurring throughout the entire country, but New York City presents the most alarming environment. They have infested the Upper East Side’s lavish apartments, Park Avenue penthouses, and hotels, including the Crowne Plaza. Why are bed bugs popping up all over the place once again? International travel is partly to blame along with bed bugs becoming immune to certain insecticides, so says researchers in the field of entomology. Bed bugs can come into your home on clothing, luggage, and used furniture. Never buy a used mattress; they harbor the most bed bugs. It is even possible to contaminate your home with a purchase of a new mattress. Many stores as part of their delivery charge will take away old mattresses and furniture. By doing so they may be contaminating new mattresses with bed bugs from discarded mattresses and nearby furniture.

New York City has tons of apartments and hotels. If one apartment or room becomes infected, infestations can occur at an overwhelming rate. Tourists who stay in The Big Apple are bringing bed bugs back with them to their home towns. New York City is just one example; bed bugs can be found in hotels and homes throughout the entire nation. They do, however, have some of the worst infestations nationwide.

In short, bed bugs wait for us to sleep at night and then crawl on us and suck up our blood by puncturing our skin with their tiny mouthparts. They wingless, so they crawl up on our beds by bedding touching the floor or by climbing up the legs of the bed frame. If you have bed bugs, you should move your bed away from any wall because they can reach you that way as well.

Bed bugs are brown in color and about one quarter inch in length. They develop a red tinge after they have dinned on our blood. One sign that you have bed bugs is red stains on your mattress. This occurs when they are crushed. The stains can also be brown due to their fecal matter. Disgusting, huh?
Picture of a bed bug found in new york city

Bed bug infestations can be taken care of by utilizing diatomaceous earth. This white powder is perfectly safe for us but deadly to bed bugs. It cuts away at their exoskeleton as they travel through it. To ensure a bed bug free home sprinkle this substance in all areas of your home after you have properly cleaned it. For example, sprinkle some around the legs of your bed and even on your mattress. Let the diatomaceous earth sit and vacuum it up later on. You will be vacuuming up the dead carcasses of bed bugs along with the powder. Properly dispose of the bag and repeat this process until there are no bed bugs in your home. Diatomaceous earth also prevents further outbreaks.

Hotels and managers of large apartment complexes are realizing the effectiveness of diatomaceous earth and DE’s ability to get rid of small to large sized bed bug infestations.

By: Bradley Skierkowski