Plastic and fiberglass septic tank

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Septic tanks over the years have evolved as do most mechanical devices. In the early years as far back as we can tell septic tanks have been constructed out of stones and more recent years metallic or steel. Every home without access to a central city sewer system will be required by law to install a septic tank and drain field.

Does your home presently use a concrete septic tank? If you presently have a concrete septic tank, you may experience problems in the future, like your tank decomposing. Obviously if this occurs you need to install a brand new tank. If you are in the process of replacing your septic tank, you may want to consider buying a septic tank manufactured with a plastic or fiberglass material. A great alternative to concrete tanks are tanks made out of fiberglass. This article is going to go over the benefits of purchasing a plastic or fiberglass septic tank rather than a steal or concrete.

The first benefit you will notice right away with a fiberglass septic tank is its weight. They are not as difficult to install as a concrete tank due to their lightness and maneuverability. You will be able to install them without using heavy machinery. This can really go a long way if the location of the tank is difficult to reach or if you are experiencing a harsh winter. Not to mention the cost of renting a heavy piece of equipment to move the tank around the construction area.

Another benefit of a plastic of fiberglass septic tank is that their life expectancy outlasts that of a concrete of metal septic tank. This is because the vapors emitted in your sewer have no affect on fiberglass septic tanks, therefore; they are not as likely to decompose as a metal or concrete septic tank.

It is recommender by septic experts that you should not plant any trees or plants with deep roots around the area of your septic tank. This is because the roots might break through septic tank and or septic drain field lines causing major damage, with a coast of repair and or replacement. With a plastic or fiberglass septic tank, you typically don’t have to worry about the roots coming through the tank, they are not able to penetrate the walls. If you do experience a problem, plastic and fiberglass septic tanks are not as difficult to fix as compared to a concrete septic tank.

By: Bradley Skierkowski